Private home investigation Davenport Iowa May 2012

Private Home Investigation Davenport, IA May 19th,2012

On May 19th, 2012 6 members of MVP visited a home in Davenport IA. Present were Becky, Stephanie, Diana, Terry, Steve and Bryce. We were asked by the current homeowners to come and conduct and investigation because the family members living there were experiencing unexplained activity for the past 2 years since moving into the house. The team arrived at 7:00pm and immediately sat down with the family to hear the claims. The claims include hearing footsteps from upstairs, like someone is pacing up and down the hallway. Seeing shadow figures peeking from around the dining room/kitchen door to the living room while the family is sitting watching TV. The family also reports being physically touched and the daughter claims to have been pushed down the basement steps not long after moving in. The son, who has his bedroom in the downstairs basement, has been scratched on several occasions and while we were there, he showed us pictures of the scratches he took on his cell phone. He also claims as well as the daughter to have had items disappear and either never show back up such as the case with the daughters coat or they show back up in weird places. The son’s wallet disappeared when he laid it down on the counter in the kitchen only to reappear months later behind some tiles in the ceiling in his bedroom downstairs.

After the walk through with the family, they leave and the team splits into 2 groups. The groups consist of Becky, Steph and Diana. With the other group consisting of Steve, Bryce and Terry. While we were setting up equipment and getting ready to break off in to the groups, Steve and several other members of the group here a male voice call out something that sounds like it is coming from the foyer area of the house, but no one can make out exactly what was said. Since we had several claims of objects disappearing, Terry set up some coins on the dining room table, to see if they would move or disappear. He took a picture of the coins and sometime later it was noted that ones of the coins had moved a little bit during the investigation. However, the shifting of the coin was very slight and we can’t be sure one of us didn’t move it or bump the table accidentally during the night. Becky’s group headed upstairs to the master bedroom where there were claims of shadowy figures and hearing footsteps. While up there, Becky thought at one time she might have heard a couple of footsteps and Steph had a really heavy almost hard to breathe feeling while she was standing between the bed and the wall. Steve’s group headed downstairs to the basement where the son’s bedroom was, but reported nothing unusual there. After splitting up for a while all 6 members met back up in the living room area and conducted a spirit box session there, which yielded no results. All in all, it was a pretty quiet evening. Personal experiences are as follows.

Steve: The only personal experience I had was hearing a male Voice come from the foyer.
Terry: Personal experiences are hearing a few voices out loud. And feeling like something small and sharp hit my ankle upstairs as I was walking into bedroom to check out fan.
Steph: I just felt a heavy feeling up between the upstairs bed and window every time I stood there. It seemed like air had been sucked out of my chest (like I had been running) and a dizziness.
Becky:  The only personal experience I had was some unexplained sounds and my headphone cord moving, but I can’t prove that it wasn’t just settling. I also noted that one of the coins had moved a bit.
 Bryce: Only major thing I had happen was seeing what looked like the reflection of a head moving in the dining room window, with no explanation. Also heard some unexplained noises/voices that we couldn’t identify.

Return to Lisbon History Center- May 2012

May 12th Becky, Steve, and Terry set off for Lisbon, Iowa and a return visit to the Lisbon History Center. Our first investigation yielded surprising audio of voices “singing” in the basement and we were hoping to get additional audio along with any answers as to why the History Center seems to have paranormal activity.


Our first stop was a cafe along the way where we were met with open mouth stares from the locals, as the 3 “ghost hunters” in their MVP t-shirts entered the establishment. We enjoyed the good food as we discussed our upcoming investigation. Terry left one of our business cards just in case anyone there would want to contact us.


At the History Center, we were met by Becky and we discussed background of the center, in hopes of getting an answer as to activity. We found out that prior to it being a History Center, it had been a store or pharmacy. We had discussed the strong possibility of residual type hauntings because of the vast amount of historical items not only in the display areas but in the basement.


After we were locked in, Terry and Steve proceeded to set up cameras in the upstairs and basement area while Becky placed a recorder near the area that the original singing audio was captured from the previous investigation. Recorders were placed in key areas throughout the History Center and after all equipment was in place, the team started their first EVP session.


Steve states his personal experiences as the following: My personal experiences include feeling as if something was touching my hand and arm in the front foyer near the old piano.  Hearing
footsteps while we were in the basement.  I was witness to the sound of something hitting the garbage can in the basement. We all experienced some form of activity while we were in the basement and upstairs. I feel that the museum is haunted with residual object attachment activity. I noticed that several times when the clock chimed I would receive an evp of some sort, as my recorder was in the main museum. The clock may be one of the attached objects. The female voices came after the clock chimes.  As far as any other attached objects in the museum, your guess is as good as mine as to what they might be.


Becky also heard the sound of something hitting the garbage can or something metal while in the basement. I heard unexplained noises throughout the night. At one time the 3 of us were in the basement and heard a thump, then creak then footstep that was caught on audio. You can hear me react to it as I was sitting on the steps and it sounded like it was on the floor above.


Terrys personal experience is as follows: Had the “feels like I walked through a cobweb” feeling twice very early in the evening.  I heard several small noises that couldn’t be pinned down.  And, while in the basement I heard something noticeably hit the metal trash can.  I had accidentally hit it much earlier while moving, and I’m not sure if that’s why it did it. Also, when standing near that trash can I got the chills exactly when Steve and Becky did.

I brought some music from the 1920’s to see if that would spark anything.  The trash can hit came a bit after that.  But, as soon as I turned on the music I felt something on my shin.  This was actually caught on video.  It happened at 8:50PM.  It’s shortly after that that the EVPs 8:52PM and 8:56PM were picked up upstairs by my digital voice recorder (DVR) in the back farm equipment area.  We were all in the basement and it doesn’t go over as far as where the DVR was. There’s no way that was us.

Also, the EVP titled 8:03PM …Goodbye, I had heard a bump type sound from back there when this was picked up.  I was maybe 10 feet away at the time.  I had the camera rolling, but this was not picked by the camera mic and nothing was picked up when I went back there either.

A very fun evening.  I believe that what ever is active there is a young boy, or girl.  It seems friendly to me.



8 56PM 3 knocks or steps with DVR alone upstairs

8 52PM something heavy moves epstairs with all of us in basement



123heavy breath bsmt while we are upstairs


159 faint music1amp

amy you here

childs voice lisbon

faint voice




play the organ


thump creak footstep

8 03PM clock goes off and clear goodbye


an odd bug