Muscatine Iowa Private Home Investigation #6

This Muscatine residence has been investigated by our group 5 times in the past. The owners had moved out of the location and when they moved back, they had these claims of recent activity. “ A friend was on a ladder and felt himself being pushed off the ladder, a back scratcher that was sitting on an air conditioner was thrown across the room, feeling of being poked while sleeping, remote was making the lights go off and on and fireplace go on and off, felt the bed being moved, hearing footsteps upstairs, the smell of pipe tobacco upstairs.” They reported that 2 former tenants have died at the residence.

The Investigation

A digital voice recorder and a camcorder were placed in the upstairs bedroom area, a stationary recorder in the upstairs front living room area, and a cell sensor and Mel meter in the upstairs hallway. Bryce recorded the majority of the investigation with his camcorder and Becky carried a Zoom DVR.

The spirit box was used in the upstairs bedroom area. Interaction was attempted using the cell sensor.

Personal Experiences

Becky: I heard an unexplained knocking sound in hallway when Steve asked for a knock. While sitting on a computer chair in the upstairs front room, I could feel the floorboards shift under my feet. No one in the room had moved. I was sitting in the same area that Stephanie had sat during a previous investigation and she felt and heard footsteps. I witnessed the cell sensor going off 2 different times when it was laying stationary at each end of the hallway upstairs.

Bryce: Personal experiences include hearing a few unexplained noises and hearing the cell sensor go off twice for no apparent reason.

Steve: My personal experiences include recording a EMF spike from 0.0 to 0.5 then back to 0.0 along with a 5 degree temp. drop upon entering the upstairs door.  Also recorded  the same 0.0 to 0.5 to 0.0 in the upstairs living room.  Heard what seemed like a knock in response to my question. Thought I heard footsteps in upstairs living room.  Noticed spirit box replies when asking what his name was, replies were “Who me?”  and “I cannot say it.” I also had the  feeling like all of the hairs on my head were standing on end in the hallway.  Feeling a sudden bone chilling chill while doing spiritbox in the back bedroom.  Feeling slightly dizzy and again hairs on head standing up in living room. This is when Bryce’s camera could not focus on me.

Mandi: While in the living room I kept having feelings like something was pinching my elbow. When coming up the stairs from the basement it felt like something tugged my pocket.



At 7:31 we enter the upstairs front room to start and EVP session. The cell sensor had been placed in the hallway outside the door and it goes off for no apparent reason.


At 7:40 when we were in the upstairs front room, we heard a knock after Steve asked for it and some shifting in the hallway.


Becky asks for a knock and seems to get one.


This EVP was caught on Mandi’s stationary DVR that had been placed in the back room upstairs. We were just entering the room to investigate. We think it sounds like it is whispering “no one here.” 


The cell sensor goes off for the 2nd time right after this. Also on Mandi’s recorder was this possible voice that speaks while we are all in the front room upstairs.


Another clip from her recorder seems to have an unknown male voice.  Steve reacts by saying he heard a voice.


At approximately 7:47 on Steve’s recorder that was left in the upstairs back room he caught the following:  At 7:47  in “whisper 2 muscatine”  A pretty clear whisper can be heard.  What it says, well “F*** you!” 


At 7:49  Steve captured this EVP  and explains what he feels he hears.  Three whispers can be heard.  We believe they say “You lied to me” or “Don’t hide from me”, “Just leave!”  “Keep outta here!”


This is just an isolated clip of the original to prove it was a whisper and not sound matrixing with the floor creaks. 


We do believe that there is a resident spirit in the home because of our past investigations and evidence we have gathered. Most of the activity does appear confined to the upstairs apartment, though there is mild activity in the first floor one as well. At this point, we feel that there is no more we can do for this family as we have not been able to pinpoint the cause of the activity. We have encouraged them to keep a log of their experiences and, if the need arises, contact a clergyman to try to help control, if not rid, their house of paranormal activity.

Case Status: CLOSED

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