We want to help you!

MVP is actively looking for places to investigate and help give answers to what may occurring.

Our investigations are always FREE and we attempt to make them as convenient as possible for the home or building owners.

A typical investigation takes place on a Saturday night and we investigate a minimum of 3 hours at the location. Prior to the investigation we will conduct an interview and walk thru.

We strive to review all evidence and present a report to the client within a 2 week period. If a location is very active, we are glad to come back and conduct an additional investigation.

Contact us and we will return your email in a timely manner!

3 thoughts on “We want to help you!”

  1. We moved into our home less than a month ago and have experienced numerous things from lights being turned on, doors opened, loud bangs, etc. The latest takes the cake. We came home today to find that all of my LED candles I placed in the fireplace were turned on while we were sampling paint colors in the kitchen and dining room. I know they were off when we first got home because I chased the cat into the living room after making her get off the dining room table. All but one candle was switched to timer mode which automatically shuts off in 5 hours. We had been out of the house since 6:30 this morning and didn’t return until 2pm. I haven’t touched those candles in days…

  2. In my basement, soon as you see/look into our storage room it just gives you the creeps. Especially when the light is off. One day I woke up at like 2 in the morning and the basement light was on, and I know we turned it off. We went down stairs later that day and found cheese and some liquid on the ground that looked like pee. Our basement door was also unlocked too. And it’s never ever unlocked, it’s always locked, until then. My dog won’t even go down there, unless we pick him up and bring him down there, but when we set him down he just runs over to us and crys or barks at the storage room. And every once in a while i set my phone down somewhere and when I go back to grab it, it’s gone. And everyone says they didn’t take it, but usually between 2 weeks to 2months after it goes missing it shows up in the exact same place i left it. My phone is still gone right now, it disappeared on May 31,2018 so this is the longest it’s ever been gone. Everyone that comes over and see a my storage room just gets the creeps.

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