Walcott, Iowa Private Home – May 16, 2020

MVP was contacted by a homeowner about unusual activity occurring at a home they recently purchased and started renovating. The homeowner reported the following to MVP:

  • The house was built in 1865.
  • House was purchased in January 2020 and under renovation ever since. 3 days after the house was closed on, the owner and a friend were in the house at night and heard a loud bang followed by what sounded like a man in work boots walking back and fourth through the kitchen to the living room.
  • The owner was in the house alone and heard something fall upstairs along with foot steps; went up there and nothing was on the ground.
  • Owner’s father-in-law was working in the basement and heard a kid running around bouncing a ball upstairs during the day and went up there and saw nothing then went back into the basement. Then heard a slamming door from upstairs in kitchen and went up there and didn’t see anything.
  • The owner has seen a shadow figure go from the basement, through the kitchen, and disappear into the mudroom.
  • The owner’s dog came to see the house and he refused to go inside and when he was in the house he, was shaking, getting low to the ground, tail in between his legs, and just wanting to leave.
  • The owner always feels like someone is watching her in the house.

MVP arrived at the home around 7:00PM with members Bryce, Tony, Ashley, and two guest investigators in attendance.

An environmental sweep indicated there were no high electromagnetic fields or unusual temperatures in the home. It was noted that the house is completely gutted as they are renovating the premises.

Following a tour of the home and brief interview, the investigation commenced at 7:18PM, with the client remaining with the team.

The Investigation

Equipment used consisted of two voice recorders, a 360-degree audio recorder, full-spectrum video camera, infrared temperature gun, EMF detector, two K2 meters, and a digital SLR camera. Due to the nature of renovation going on, the main floor of the house had a large battery-powered shop light as the main light source of the main floor.

The team started investigating on the second floor with the home owner present. At 7:37PM, while on the second floor, an unexplained knock was heard by all. At 8:06PM, Tony’s K2 sensor went off at the same time that the home owner said something grabbed her ankle. At 8:07PM, the home owner, Bryce, and a guest investigator noted a sharp drop in temperature. At 8:09PM, Ashley heard a disembodied breath that was captured on audio. At 8:11PM, a sound similar to a dog whimper was heard by a guest investigator and Ashley. At 8:12PM, Tony, Bryce, and the home owner heard and felt a rumble-like sound, with no source. While investigating the basement, at 8:24PM, Bryce and a guest investigator reported a possible shadow moving left to right by the furnace. While isolating on the main floor, Tony reported a disembodied voice at 8:29PM. At 8:37PM, the team took a short break, leaving the premises but left audio recorders running. The team returned at 8:51, with Tony, the home owner, a friend of the owner, and one of the guest investigators going to the garage. Bryce and the other guest investigator went to the second floor, and Ashley stayed on the main floor with the home owner’s mother. At 9:00PM, everyone in the garage heard a scream that couldn’t be explained; Tony also heard tapping on the garage door that moved. Following this, the home owner and company left, leaving the team to the house. At 9:27PM, while investigating in the main room, Ashley asked if whatever was in the house to bake a cake, and the battery-powered shop light dimmed significantly, and eventually lost all power, despite it having a new battery. The investigation wrapped a little after 10PM.


“7:37PM – Knock”

A knock heard on the second floor by everyone.


“8:09PM -Disembodied Breath”

An unexplained breath heard by Ashley.


“8:11PM – A Dog Whimper”

A whimpering sound heard by a guest investigator and Ashley.


“8:47PM – Footsteps While Alone”

While the home was empty, the 360 recorder captured 3 distinct footsteps.


“9:27PM – The Light Dims”

While asking whatever was there to bake a cake, the battery-powered light dimmed.



While we weren’t able to substantiate all the claims of the homeowners, we did capture and experience a few things to make us believe that there is some sort of paranormal activity occurring in the house. The renovations occurring on the house are likely causing the activity to manifest and amplify, as this is a well-documented source. A theory that was floated around was there could possibly be a female presence, as the home owner indicated that most of the activity seems to center around the kitchen and with the age of the home, would make sense. We are hoping to return at a later date with a bigger group to try to hopefully pinpoint the cause of the activity and help the homeowner and her family live in peace.

Case Status: OPEN