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Private Home Moline Illinois June 2012

June 9th members Becky, Steph, Diana, Terry and Bryce investigated a private residence in Moline Illinois. The following are the claims of activity based on emails from the client:


Several things have been happening at my home that I can’t explain including someone walking around upstairs when nobody is up there and just last week it sounded like someone was talking in the next room and nobody was in there when I opened the door. It was a man’s voice I could hear plain as day but it sounded like they were mumbling and I couldn’t quite figure out what they were saying exactly. Several of my friends have experienced different things as well. Last week actually scared me a bit and it seems to be lately that it is happening more often. My roommates boyfriend was at the house alone and he said that the kitchen cabinet opened and slammed shut while he was standing in the kitchen.  It scared him enough to leave the house.


We talked to several occupants and their friends and listened to their claims of activity. We were taken on a walk through of the home and when that was concluded, the occupants went outside to the garage so that we could conduct our investigation. We concentrated on the basement, living and dining room and upper bedrooms.


The first things we noticed were the extremely high levels of EMF throughout the whole home. In several spots our meters were pegging out because the EMF was so high. We knew that this might be contributing to some of their claims.


One of the claims was of a light turning off and on in the bathroom. The switch was checked and appeared to be stable and not the cause of this event. We ended up turning off the central air to attempt to eliminate the continual beeping of our EMF meters. We conducted EVP sessions in the downstairs area and all bedrooms upstairs in an attempt to contact any spirits that might be present.


The evening was extremely quiet and calm other than the EMF going off and the discovery of a cat having been shut in a closed. This debunked the scratching sounds that Diana and Steph were hearing. Also when we realized how high the EMF was, it explained our meters going off.


Although we did not obtain any audio to back up any of the claims, we have told the clients to continue to keep a log of any activity and we would be glad to come back and perform another investigation.

Return to Lisbon History Center- May 2012

May 12th Becky, Steve, and Terry set off for Lisbon, Iowa and a return visit to the Lisbon History Center. Our first investigation yielded surprising audio of voices “singing” in the basement and we were hoping to get additional audio along with any answers as to why the History Center seems to have paranormal activity.


Our first stop was a cafe along the way where we were met with open mouth stares from the locals, as the 3 “ghost hunters” in their MVP t-shirts entered the establishment. We enjoyed the good food as we discussed our upcoming investigation. Terry left one of our business cards just in case anyone there would want to contact us.


At the History Center, we were met by Becky and we discussed background of the center, in hopes of getting an answer as to activity. We found out that prior to it being a History Center, it had been a store or pharmacy. We had discussed the strong possibility of residual type hauntings because of the vast amount of historical items not only in the display areas but in the basement.


After we were locked in, Terry and Steve proceeded to set up cameras in the upstairs and basement area while Becky placed a recorder near the area that the original singing audio was captured from the previous investigation. Recorders were placed in key areas throughout the History Center and after all equipment was in place, the team started their first EVP session.


Steve states his personal experiences as the following: My personal experiences include feeling as if something was touching my hand and arm in the front foyer near the old piano.  Hearing
footsteps while we were in the basement.  I was witness to the sound of something hitting the garbage can in the basement. We all experienced some form of activity while we were in the basement and upstairs. I feel that the museum is haunted with residual object attachment activity. I noticed that several times when the clock chimed I would receive an evp of some sort, as my recorder was in the main museum. The clock may be one of the attached objects. The female voices came after the clock chimes.  As far as any other attached objects in the museum, your guess is as good as mine as to what they might be.


Becky also heard the sound of something hitting the garbage can or something metal while in the basement. I heard unexplained noises throughout the night. At one time the 3 of us were in the basement and heard a thump, then creak then footstep that was caught on audio. You can hear me react to it as I was sitting on the steps and it sounded like it was on the floor above.


Terrys personal experience is as follows: Had the “feels like I walked through a cobweb” feeling twice very early in the evening.  I heard several small noises that couldn’t be pinned down.  And, while in the basement I heard something noticeably hit the metal trash can.  I had accidentally hit it much earlier while moving, and I’m not sure if that’s why it did it. Also, when standing near that trash can I got the chills exactly when Steve and Becky did.

I brought some music from the 1920’s to see if that would spark anything.  The trash can hit came a bit after that.  But, as soon as I turned on the music I felt something on my shin.  This was actually caught on video.  It happened at 8:50PM.  It’s shortly after that that the EVPs 8:52PM and 8:56PM were picked up upstairs by my digital voice recorder (DVR) in the back farm equipment area.  We were all in the basement and it doesn’t go over as far as where the DVR was. There’s no way that was us.

Also, the EVP titled 8:03PM …Goodbye, I had heard a bump type sound from back there when this was picked up.  I was maybe 10 feet away at the time.  I had the camera rolling, but this was not picked by the camera mic and nothing was picked up when I went back there either.

A very fun evening.  I believe that what ever is active there is a young boy, or girl.  It seems friendly to me.



8 56PM 3 knocks or steps with DVR alone upstairs

8 52PM something heavy moves epstairs with all of us in basement



123heavy breath bsmt while we are upstairs


159 faint music1amp

amy you here

childs voice lisbon

faint voice




play the organ


thump creak footstep

8 03PM clock goes off and clear goodbye


an odd bug











Private Home Investigation Geneseo, Illinois February 2012

Mississippi Valley Paranormal was contacted by a family, in Geneseo, with claims of unexplained paranormal activity that they wanted investigated further.

Some of the claims included feeling like being tapped on the shoulder, being punched on the shoulder, feeling like someone was sitting on the bed, sound of dishes or something moving in the kitchen, tv turning off and on, door opening on its own, sound of footsteps, shadow appearing in upstairs window, light being on in upstairs window and no one being up there, and hearing voices.

MVP members Becky, Steve, Terry and Chris listened to the claims and were taken on a walk through of the home before the home owner left the residence for the investigation to begin.

Cameras were set up and recorders and cell sensor placed in various areas of the home in hopes of validating or debunking the claims that were made. The team started out with a group EVP session in the lower level basement area. During this time various noises were heard and some unexplained voices that seem to have been caught on audio. Team members also reported seeing shadow movement.  Team then split up and concentrated on the other levels of the home.

Throughout the night the team seemed to experience unexplained noises, shadows, and voices.  We were hoping we would be able to validate them when reviewing audio, and indeed some of them were caught. The house seemed to be fairly calm and quiet while we were there, but we all know that doesn’t always  tell the story as to what might be going on.


Becky and Steve– did hear a disembodied voice that seemed to have started to speak while in the living room and this was caught on audio. Becky also heard a jingling type sound that was caught on audio, while up in the parents bedroom.

Terry– Thought I saw movement up in living room from basement

Heard a voice twice in the basement.

Could have sworn the office door moved a few times when I was alone in there.

Heard several unknown noises when upstairs

Chris– Not a lot of personal experiences,heard a few unexplained noises. Thought I saw a shadow movement upstairs from the basement.

Steve– Seeing shadow movement in the upstairs hallway from the basement.



7 35PM faint whispers upstairs all of us in basement

7 36PM faint whisper upstairs all of us in basement

8 03PM loud whisper upstairs all of us downstairs

8 10PM loud whisper upstairs then Tommy’s turn all are downstairs

8 36PM noise I heard that no one else heard

8 39PM high pitch noise Becky heard(1)

8 48PM humming just after I said how quiet it was in there

9 01PM whistle response

9 12PM Whistle response


growly sound and shhhh





very faint female voice geneseo



Geneseo home knock with mad sigh2





Private Home Davenport Iowa

MVP was contacted to perform an investigation at a private residence in Davenport Iowa. The families claims of activity included these from their email: The husband has felt a presence and looked to see what his daughter was looking at and saw the figure of an old woman disappear into the wall, lights turn off, doors open, toothbrushes turn on, objects falling down, unexplained voices have been captured on audio, deadbolt on door slammed shut, young daughter calls two spirits by name calling one Gooka and the other Guy. Guy she says got in a motorcycle accident and was wearing a helmet but his face is bad. The couple also noticed some unexplained footprints under their bed.

While MVP listened to the claims, all members and the couple heard an unexplained noise like something falling or paper rustling and some of the team reported hearing the faint sound of a young childs voice. The couple left the home and the team consisting of Bryce, Becky, Terry and Steve went about setting up equipment in an attempt to capture any evidence of paranormal activity.

The team started out with a evp session in the living room area and then broke into groups of Steve and Becky staying on the main floor and Terry and Bryce continuing to the attic area. Later on the team rejoined for a spirit box session and continued investigating.



Becky- I witnessed the sound of something falling or moving while we were still all in the living room area talking to the couple. During the walk through of the attic I thought I heard a rustling sound over to the side.

Terry, Bryce, Steve- reported hearing the same falling or moving sound during initial walk through.

Terry reported feeling a cob web type feeling, several times during the night.


7 08PM 2 whispers

7 13PM whisper

7 36PM tobacco whisper

7 53PM connection to Lena

7 57PM who is this talking


how many is here spiritbox two

its hard

shortkid voice

spiritbox answer to becky

spiritbox hello

spiritbox nobody here

spiritbox reply to message

spiritbox you got me



whisper bedroom


Davenport Business Third Investigation

We were contacted by Alex, a former employee of a Davenport business that we had investigated twice in the past. Alex claimed that the employees of this business were still experiencing paranormal activity and wondered if we wanted to do a return investigation. This building had been active in the past and we were excited about getting the chance to go back to it and also bring members that had never investigated there before.

The business is located in an old 3 story home in Davenport. There had been a report of a past suicide in the attic area and numerous reports of activity from footsteps, screams, voices, ceiling fan turning on, dishes moving, etc.

We allowed Alex and 3 others to join in our investigation in hopes that employees might gain responses like they had in the past. The home seemed to be fairly quiet and calm, but most of us did experience unexplained shadows and voices. Steve conducted a very interesting spirit box session that appeared to have intelligent responses to most of the questions asked.

We investigated the home thoroughly for about 2 ½ hours and submit the following personal experiences and audio.


Diana- As for personal experiences, I really didn’t have many except right before were were getting ready to split up and start the investigation I thought I saw a shadow of some sort shoot by and go behind the copier behind the wall in the conference room downstairs. This happened as I was talking to Steve and he was explaining the footsteps they heard and what they sounded like from the previous investigation. The only other personal experience I had was when we had that spirit box session and we were getting pretty direct responses when we were asking questions.  At one point we even asked who was laying on the couch and it said the name of the person. Pretty cool.

Steve- While upstairs investigating in the large room I heard a whisper on two separate occasions. My recorder caught one of them. Other than that no other personal experiences.

Becky- On several occasions I heard either a voice or noise out loud that was caught on the recorder. When we were getting ready to wrap up, Terry and I both saw the shadow pass by that sounded like the same shadow Diana had seen earlier.

Terry- I saw a shadow(or something) move in the exaction location Diana has seen one earlier.

I also heard a female talking twice, but couldn’t make out what it said.


7 12PM don’t ask where we are whisper

7 19PM possible whispers

8 00PM 3 in basmnt

8 02PM 3 in basement Becky front room rest upstairs

8 18PM unknown voice everyone is upstairs Steve in background

9 53PM answer to what year is it







another audible whisper

f yeah

audible whisper davenport business


knock then whisper

possible child voice nah nah na nah nah singing


spiritbox reply are you still here

spiritbox reply attic

spiritbox reply did it

spiritbox reply people

spiritbox reply teresa

spiritbox reply to k2

spiritbox reply to me

spiritbox repy to do you like the kitty

spritbox reply did you lock the cat in the closet

spritbox reply to my name

Rock Island, IL Private Home Investigation

What is it about the city of Rock Island, Illinois and the amount of claims of paranormal activity? We’ve had our share of requests for investigations in this area and this turned out to be another interesting case.

Chris, the homeowner, requested an investigation after attending the 2 investigations that we conducted at her daughter Mellissas house, also in Rock Island. Chris told us the following claims of past paranormal activity in her home but has experienced paranormal occurrences in other locations as well.

Some of the claims of activity were seeing a small shadow going up and down the stairs, having her name whispered or other people hearing what they thought was her voice talking to them, the sound of cupboards being opened and closed, a strong floral smell, and her daughter seeing the apparition of a young girl in the driveway. We were anxious to attempt to give Chris answers for what might be happening in her home.

The team consisted of Becky, Steph, Diana, Sally, Steve and Chris. The homeowner and her daughter also were present and assisted in the investigation. Cameras were set up in an attempt to catch the shadow person and emf detectors and recorders were also place in all of the hot spots.

Personal Experiences:

Becky: While down in the lower lever, after Sally and Diana commented about feeling like there hair had been touched, I felt like something had brushed across the side of my foot. Also while downstairs I witnessed the cell sensor seemingly responding to questions and answers and the flashlight going off and on, on command about the same time Steve was having the same thing happen to him upstairs.

Steph: While sitting upstairs in the living room I heard the cell sensor in the middle bedroom begin to go off by itself. I also saw the reflection on the red blinking light on the door of the bedroom. The EMF meter had no reason to be going off and it lasted about 30 seconds to a minute the first time. A little bit later in the night, the cell sensor went off again by itself. This time Steve got up and went into the room. It still continued to go off. When he asked “it” to step away and make it stop it did slow down. When asking if “it” wanted him to leave to make it go faster it went faster,

I also noticed that the flashlight in the room went on and off by itself about two times. Again, I did not see the actual flashlight from where I sitting but saw the reflection of the light on the door. The flashlight went on and stayed on for about 30 seconds then went off by itself. There was no mistaking what it was.

I also saw a shadow coming out of that bedroom later that seemed to block out about half of the door. It moved slow and seemed to come out of the room and turn left.

When I was in the middle bedroom later in the night I noticed that the recorder was dead and I saying to Steve that I hoped that it recorded the earlier activity. While stating this the EMF meter went off again for about 5 full seconds. It did not do so again but I feel that was strange as it seemed like it was trying to get our attention or tell us that it had drained the recorder.

Sally: Bears Room Basement- Feeling of my hair being touched on top of my head

Cold spot on my right side sitting next to Becky, goosebumps on right arm not left immediately after Becky said she felt something touch her foot.

Basement Office- I saw small black shadow moving under workbench. Feeling of my hair being touched on top of my head intermittently.

Steve- While investigating in the basement, as we were getting ready to do an EVP session I noticed a tall shadow peering around the corner to the stairs just watching us. I had asked Chris to move his arms and sway back and forth to see if it was his shadow I was seeing, and the shadow remained still. This was also seen by the client’s daughter before I had even mentioned what I had seen. A few minutes later the shadow appeared again, only this time I could only see the head peering around the corner in the same spot. Shortly after that it had disappeared once again. About five minutes after it had faded out, Chris went to take a photo down the hallway, and as he pointed his camera in that direction I saw the leg of the shadow once more back away from the corner as if to avoid the flash from Chris’ camera.

While investigating on the main level of the home, I witnessed some cell sensor activity along with my flashlight turning on and off. While investigating the cell sensor activity a little closer, I entered the bedroom asking if whatever was there could step away from the cell sensor and go back to the flashlight. Shortly after asking this, the cell sensor stopped beeping and I then heard something sit down on the bed.

While doing walk-thru I felt a strong energy in the client’s office which we labeled the “Asian room”, as there were several oriental figurines and art fixtures. I felt anxious, and a slight headache immediately when entering that room. Once I left the room it subsided. No high EMF levels were found in that room, which made the feelings I had seem strange and unexplained.

Diana- My first experience was sitting in the bedroom, with Chris the owner and Becky and Sally were sitting in the living room and I heard a female laugh. It wasn’t real loud, but loud enough that I heard it and asked Chris if she heard it and she said no. I asked Sally and Becky if they heard it and Sally said no, but Becky had heard it too.

I also felt like my hair was being touched, pretty much throughout the entire night. It was more consistent when we went downstairs, but felt upstairs as well. It was a real light touch and felt like I had put my hand in a light socket pretty much the whole night. Tingling on the top of my head and a couple of times I got faint and light headed. I know Sally felt it too.

In the room downstairs that had the tools in it, we got pretty good K2 hits and they seemed to be responding to questions at times. Saw, with my own eyes, a flashlight turn on by itself when we asked for it to happen and at the same time Sally saw a shadow figure under the tool desk, the k2 meter went wild and I had that tingly feeling on my head again. At one time, downstairs as well, I thought I heard a very faint humming or singing that was female sounding.

Chris- When all of us were down stairs. I was sitting on the bench and I could see down the hallway towards the bathroom. All of a sudden a white ball of light appeared ( the size of a pea) down by the register in the hallway. It was gone as quick as it was there,it was very bright. A few minutes later a not as bright but much bigger white mass. Around a foot tall and a foot wide appeared in the door way of the bathroom down by the floor. Stephanie came over by me and sat so she could see down the hallway also. Later we both seemed to see movement around the bathroom door,just was not sure if it was just our eyes playing tricks on us. Then we all were upstairs and Steve had just asked for someone to give us a sign of your presence. Right after that we all heard a popping or knock sound and he asked for it to do it again. Very soon after that the cell sensor starts going off and beeping. Steve asks for it to stop the beeping and it slowed down and then finally shut totally off a minute or less later. Kinda weird because there was no reason for the cell sensor to be going off like that. The cell sensor was in , I believe the granddaughters bedroom. Soon after that we were all sitting in the living room,and i seen something brighten up that bedroom and the hallway. The first time it was for a second and then came on again. I asked what was that and if everyone else could see it also,Steve realized that it was his flashlight in the bedroom. It had turned on by itself and back off and back on again,me and him started to walk towards the hallway. We got to about the doorway to the hallway,and it turned off and we felt a cold spot and I got this huge rush of chills run through my whole body. Pretty cool, lol. Later I was in the Asian room by myself doing a evp session. Heard a knock and what sounded like a tap on the window behind me. Seemed like it was in response to my questions,have them on audio. Owners daughter was in the bedroom right next door and also heard the knock as it sounded like it was on the wall in between us. All and all a great investigation with a lot of weird things happening. Would love to go back again.

Audio Evidence:







asian room voice

growly voice asian room

male voice over Becky ri home2

male voice saying Chris maybe

something under my voice asian room

voice 2 ri home 2

voice asian room

whisper II asian room

who’s that, look at me, no


tap on window ri home2

cell sensor fun ri home2

*Additional audio to follow soon


Rock Island Illinois home October 2011

MVP was contacted by a mother that was worried about possible paranormal activity in her home and the affect it might be having on her 2 ½ year old daughter. The mother reported seeing a fuzzy looking shape of a cat. The daughter has recently been waking up screaming and pointing at various areas of her room and saying “mommy I don’t like that little girl over there”. Her toy shopping cart has moved from areas that it had been set. Objects have been moved and footsteps are heard while in the basement. The mother reports being comfortable with the paranormal and growing up with paranormal experiences.

Becky and Diana conducted an interview of the mother while Steve, Terry, and Chris went on a walk through of the home and began setting up equipment.

The majority of the activity seems to be in the daughters room and the basement, so we stayed together as a team and started our investigation in the daughters room. A cell sensor and K2 was used to determine emf levels and the daughters room was found to be very high in EMF as were other areas of the home and the basement. High levels were found at the wall where the little girls bed is at. Diana placed a cell sensor in the little girls toy shopping cart and the team started a EVP session. At one point, the cell sensor beeped while in the shopping cart. Diana then began a question and answer session and seemed to get what appeared to be at least 4 intelligent type responses using the cell sensor. Throughout this session, various team members reported hearing unexplained noises. The team then split up with Becky, Bryce, and Terry going to the basement and Diana, Steve and Chris remaining in the upstairs area. At one time Becky and Bryce seemed to hear footsteps but believe they were debunked as to Steve possibly moving around at that time. We believe there may be some kind of unexplained activity taking place in this home because of the audio that we captured. We also talked to the mother about the high EMF and suggested they move the little girls bed to a different wall and possibly contacting an electrician about the high levels to see what can be done to correct it.

The mother reported, a week later, that they did move the childs’ bed, but she continues to wake up and experience problems. MVP is available to do a return investigation, if the family feel it is needed.


Becky- Minutes after I turned on my recorder in the little girls room, I commented about hearing a voice and Diana verified that she heard it as well. This was caught on audio.

Steve- While doing walk-through I heard something move in the child’s bedroom then felt a cold spot go by me. It seemed to move. Also when setting up my video camera in the child’s bedroom I felt a cold spot near the hand that was holding the camera. I had heard a couple of footsteps but did not catch them on audio.

Terry- I saw a small, fast light zip across the wall twice and, a few unexplained noises. I also witnessed the cell sensor activity.

Chris- I did hear what sounded like a doorknob being played with or jiggled when Diana and I were in the girls bedroom. It sounded like it came from the hallway leading up to her room,Diana said she thought she heard it also. Also when we were in there I heard 2 light knocks behind me which would put them in the closet door area of the girl rooms. Then when we were all downstairs, I saw what I thought was a shadow moving left to right across the bar as I was sitting on the couch. Was hoping I caught it on video but was not able to validate it. What is weird is that it happened shortly after I caught a light anomaly above the bar or right on the bar.

Diana- As for personal experiences, I didn’t have many. I thought I might have heard a voice upstairs and Chris and I heard some strange noises while we were sitting in the little girl’s bedroom, almost like at one point we heard a doorknob wiggle. I think I might have had some interaction with something when I asked questions. The cell sensor would light up in response to my questioning. I guess it could have been coincidence since the EMF levels were so high in there. I had nothing on audio, but what was really weird is that for a little while my DVR was on and supposedly recording but I got nothing on it. No white noise nothing. It is like it went blank for a about 15 minutes, but it never actually got turned off………….not sure why or what to make of it or why that would happen. It was when we were sitting in the little girl’s room.  At one point upstairs, before we went downstairs I saw a ball of light pass in front of the bed in the master bedroom. It went from left to right very fast, but there was no one in there. Again, I’m not sure if I was seeing some sort of reflection for some of our equipment or what. Whatever it was though, seemed to have its own light source though and moved extremely quickly.  Downstairs, I really didn’t have any personal experiences, except when I was sitting at the bar, I felt a little weird and I felt like I was trying to look through a hazy window, my vision was blurry. I asked Terry to sit there and I moved to a different chair and then I felt fine.


7 36PM Cell sensor and Male voice that Diana and Becky hear

7 57PM male voice

9 06PM odd noises upstairs when everyone is in the basement

9 18PM sound upstairs when everyone is in basement

9 20PM unknown voice


get out rock island home

light up

little girl shouting, whistle, wooh, go away


female voice2

weird voice2

whistle bedroom


light anomaly ri house


(note: we do not claim that photo contains anything paranormal)


MVP returns to the home

MVP was asked to return to the Rock Island home, after some shielding of the electrical wires had been done. There were a lot less personal experiences and what we caught on audio was mostly


Personal Experiences

Bryce: Only real personal experience I had was both me and Terry seeing movement in the living room from the dining room, as well as seeing the red light, both occuring without cars going by.

Erik: “While we were in the basement Steve and I heard a strange bumping noise which sounded like it came from behind me. I managed to capture it on audio. also in the basement Steve and I heard what sounded like one of the chairs rocking which I also captured on audio.”
“While in the little girl’s bedroom we all heard what sounded like
someone exhaling. Terry and I both managed to capture this on audio.
also, in the little girl’s bedroom the air felt thicker than the rest
of the house.”
“I don’t think it’s paranormal, but I will add that my
allergies want haywire while I was sitting in the girl’s bedroom then
were fine as soon as I left to another room.”

Becky: I saw a red light appear briefly in the living room.

Chris: The only experience I had that night was a breath,that seemed to be right next to my right ear. It happened when me Steve,Eric and the owner were in the daughters bedroom. Eric and I believe Terry both captured the breath on audio. Not sure what it was but it did startle me that’s for sure.

Terry: I saw several “lights” move very fast in the living room area while in the dining room. I was looking at the mirror in the bedroom and saw red lights move. I later realized that the lights

were from the clock. Believe I caught the movement on audio. Thought I heard a small child’s voice once.

Steve: While doing an EVP session in the girl’s bedroom I, along with everyone in the room heard a breath come out of thin air directly to my left which was right near my video camera. However the breath was not picked up on camera audio, nor my recorder. I believe that only one of us was able to catch this on audio. Towards the end of the investigation, I was sitting alone in the boy’s bedroom when I saw a dark shadow about 4′ in height pass by the hall closet door headed towards the girl’s bedroom. The shadow actually looked to me like a head and shoulders. It blocked out over half of the door from the middle to the floor. While in the basement at the beginning of the investigation, I heard what sounded like one of the rocking chairs in the basement creak as if someone had sat down. These chairs are leather and the noise sounded more like someone sitting down on a leather piece of furniture. The evening was actually fairly quiet except these few isolated events. I feel that the repair made to fix the EMF bleed-though into the girl’s bedroom took away a much needed energy source for what once was lurking in there. I believe that it is possible that it has moved to other sections of the home, considering very little if anything was caught in that bedroom the whole night. At this time I don’t believe the presence to be malevolent in any way. This may just be some sort of residual activity.

Audio (this is just a sample of some of the audio caught on our return investigation)

7 25PM noises then female(1)

7 29PM No Beep

8 06PM possible small voice then FRED


Breath we all heard enhanced

Undisclosed Business Davenport, Iowa October 2011

Steph, Diana, Becky, Steve, and Terry were asked to investigate a business that wishes to remain undisclosed.  Claims of activity included: Shadow figures that are seen moving around in dark areas, footsteps being heard, objects going missing and making noises, lights, televisions and radios turning off and on, doors shaking, misty smoke appearing in a bathroom, hearing a name called, and phones ringing and showing that it was coming from a location where no one was at.  The team went on a walk through of the location and then split into teams to investigate. One of the employees and her daughter helped in the investigation.


Steve said: I was in the bathroom with the employee’s daughter. I asked for a sign of presence, and nothing. Upon leaving the bathroom I heard shuffling coming from the back area of the bathroom. In another area, I heard one of the seats creak and it sounded like someone had stepped up.

Terry said: During walk through:

1)Saw white light moving a few times in rooms just beside us. One room had no windows, and the employees daughter saw that one as well.

2)Heard male voice. Sounded like it came possibly from the rest room behind us. I believe Becky heard it as well.

3)Saw overhead lights (4 of them) blocked out, or turned out then back on. Happened very fast.

Terry during Investigation:

1)Several bumps, thumps, and odd noises. Not sure if they are normal for the building. A few seemed as if they were a response, but nothing conclusive.

2)The employee and I both saw the light blocked out by something moving from our right to the left at the end of a hall. Steph heard a noise at that time from that direction, but was not looking that way.

3)Felt a few cold spots that seemed to vanish as soon as I turned or spoke.

Was a very interesting investigation for me. Felt as if someone was following me and possibly messing with me. Had several possible EVPs that sounded just like my voice, but I’m sure I didn’t say it. Disregarded those for the time being. I did include one 3:59AM How’s your picture Terry. Sounds a lot like me, but different enough, (also sounds like person in 4:00AM HISTORIC BUILDING) and I never talk in the third person. I had taken a few pictures right as that happened, but he could be referring to the photo called UNKNOWN FIGURE. I took that on a whim. I will take around 50-70 pictures over the night just in case. The figure is hard to make out many details as it was quite far from camera in a mostly dark room. I hope to go back soon. On investigation, and just a normal visit as it’s the type of place I would be allowed in for recreation.

Becky writes: I seemed to hear an unexplained male voice, during walk through, when Terry heard it. I also heard some unexplained voices in the larger area of the building. Diana and I experienced the cell sensor going off after being stationary and quiet.


3 59AM hows your picture Terry

4 00AM it’s a historic building







3 30AM female help me near end whisper in middle maybe CJ


Farrar School Investigation August 2011


In 1919, C.G. Geddes agreed to donate 6 acres of his farm to merge the area’s one-room country schoolhouses. The school boards voted and created the Washington Township Consolidated School District.

The cornerstone inscribed with the year 1921 was set and the dedication ceremony commenced on April 1 1922. The schoolhouse filled with citizens from miles around. An orchestra played on stage in the auditorium as a banquet served the hundreds in attendance.

Not all citizens were behind the new building with its $100,000 price tag. One disgruntled citizen refused to attend the celebration calling it a “monument to the arrogance and vanity of the school board,” with its boiler heating, electric lights, and indoor bathroom facilities.

On May 3 2002, once again, the band played, a banquet served the hundreds in attendance and sadly, the 80-year-old schoolhouse closed its doors for the last time.

The old school sat empty until December of 2006 when Jim and Nancy Oliver purchased the building. It became their home with hopes of slowly restoring
the school to its original appearance and layout.

On August 27th MVP members Diana, Steph, Becky, Andrea, Steve, and Bryce visited the haunted school in Farrar Iowa for an overnight investigation.


Hallway:  This photo was taken by Steve using a full spectrum digital camera after hearing noises coming from the end of the hallway when on his way up to change a tape in his video recorder.

Gym:  In this photo, also full spectrum.

Stairs:  Nothing paranormal in this photo.  This was just taken as an example of full spectrum photography.  This camera is able to photograph in light spectrums unseen by the naked eye.  Infra-red and ultra-violet spectrums.  It is believed that ghosts can show themselves in these spectrums of light.


Steve writes:

As far as personal experiences with Farrar. Many times throughout the night when going up to change tapes in my video camera, I along with Bryce heard shuffling, sounds of things being dragged, and even sounds of someone running down the hall. When we reached the floor all would stop. We also encountered this phenomenon when investigating. The noises would come from the floor above or below, never on the floor we were on. During set-up, me and Bryce went to the third floor so I could set up my video camera. We were on the end where the two classrooms that were hot areas, the breathing room and the emf room. I felt uneasy, heavy sensation, it was hard to catch my breath. There was audio to confirm my experience. I simply felt as if something was there watching everything I was doing and not liking it. The presence was strong, yet I was the only one to experience the feeling at this time. While investigating on the second floor, I felt the wind from something passing me in the hall, as if they had ran down the hall past me. While in the stage room I along with Bryce heard a disembodied sigh that was caught on audio. On the second floor boys bathroom I witnessed a k2 conversation with something that was in there with us. While in the Gym, both Bryce and I heard a large boom or crash coming from the above floors which was also caught on his audio. In one of the third floor classrooms as well as the hallway, I felt as if I was touched by something on three separate occasions. Two times it felt like cobwebs, the first time I was touched I felt actual pressure on my arm as if someone was holding on to it trying to get my attention.

Becky writes:

I heard unexplained noises in the office area, gym area, and 3rd floor classrooms at the end of the hall. I witnessed the K2 going off in response to questions being asked in the 2nd floor boys bathroom. While in a classroom on the 3rd floor, with Stephanie and Diana, Stephanie mentioned how the hallway seemed to be getting dark then light. I started watching that area as well and told her I could see what she meant. Right after mentioning that, I noticed how something white appeared to block the doorway. Stephanie said “what the heck” and that is when I realized she must be seeing it too and I said “oh my God” and gasped and she screamed.

Diana writes:

Not only did I feel creeped out the whole night, but the 3rd floor room where you saw the apparition was where most of my personal experiences happened. I saw the door way getting darker right before you and Steph actually saw the arm and shoulder come through the door way. After that I heard noises beside me and come to find out later after listening to the audio I think he was standing on my side of the room close to my recorder.  Steve and I also heard a very faint woman’s scream very early on in the evening when we were all sitting in one of the classroom’s on the 3rd floor. Unfortunately it was not caught on audio though.  I heard lots of bangs through the night and saw the K-2 meter light up in the boy’s bathroom on the second floor a few times like it was responding to a couple of questions that were being asked. I got no audio from there though.

Bryce writes:

Only real personal experiences I had was: Various noises heard in Gym with Steve and Andrea. Audible sigh heard by myself and Steve in the stage room. Various noises heard coming from 3rd floor with Steve. Two successful K2 sessions in 2nd floor boys bathroom.

Stephanie writes:

Early on in the night everyone in the group was in the third floor classroom at the end of the hall.   We were all sitting in the dark in different places in the room, I was in the back right corner.  All of a sudden I felt very uncomfortable and like something was to the left of me.  It got very dark and the feeling literally got closer and closer to me until I could not bear even glancing in that direction,  I literally felt like something was standing right next to me on the left and that it was invading my space.  The feeling was not a good one, almost like a predatory feeling and I could not bear it any longer.  I told the others I couldn’t sit in the dark anymore and had to turn on my flashlight.  After awhile the feeling subsided but then came back again even stronger and seemed to like getting very close.  I finally asked Diana, another team member to switch me spots.  That experience was not pleasant for me at all.


Later in the night myself, Diana, and Becky were all sitting in the third floor classroom opposite the one we were in earlier. We were all in the same area of the room, next to each other, and facing the wall with the hallway door. We started provoking and the hall got very dark.  It seemed to form there, and for a time being, the darkness blocked out the wall on the other side of the hallway that we could see previously (we ruled out the moonlight and clouds).  Me and Becky happened to be looking at the doorway when something seemed to form there and a white partial apparaition appeared to walk in the room toward us.  I saw a white-like shoulder and chest area and what looked like an arm.  I couldn’t speak really but heard Becky gasp and felt Diana grab onto me.  This made my mind snap that what I was seeing was real because then I believe that they were seeing it.  I reacted.  After that, I felt literally frozen and could not move.  We stayed in that room unable to really leave as I felt that that presence was still in there with us.  Later when we listened to the audio, we heard breathing at that time that was not our own.  I did not like that precense at all and feel that it showed itself because we ticked it off.  I did not want it to physcially attack me, so I did not continue to provoke.


Throughout the night I heard a few odd noises and a big unexplainable bang in the breakroom when Becky, Diana, and myself were in there.  While in the boy’s bathroom on the third floor the EMF meter did appear to answer a question without a doubt.  I asked “does my swearing offend you?”  It gave an obvious yes.  I attempted not to swear the rest of the night, I said attempted.

Andrea writes:

I was the first person at the school since I drove myself, so I got to do the walk through with Ms. Nancy. After she showed me the hot spots & told me some of the stories, I was allowed to go ahead a do a solo walk through. As soon as I walked into the place I felt a tightness in my chest & found it somewhat hard to breath. I do have asthma but it’s allergy induced & as long as I’m not around cats I’m fine, I saw no cats. The one room that caught my attention straight away was the 2nd floor boys bathroom, I just got a creepy freaked out feeling in that particular room. This is the same room that later in the night Steve, Bryce & myself were in when we were getting what appeared to be intelligent responses to some questions on our K-II meter. Later in the evening I was in that same bathroom with Becky, Steph & Diana when we got more hits on the K-II. Stephanie had asked if it didn’t like the fact that she had used a certain “swear” word & it lit up as if responding to her question. She tried not to swear the rest of the night. LOL!  I was also in the gym area when Steve, Bryce & I heard the loud banging noises coming from somewhere above us. Overall, I felt like that building had quite a bit of activity. I feel there may be both residual & intelligent there. Can’t wait to go back.



farrar light anomole 2

farrar light anomole





breath shut



child voice bathroom1

deep breath


Gym Noises 2

Gym Noises

intake of breath



strange sound1

thump or footstep

voice (2)3



voice farrar

whisper boys bathroom

slight whisper farrar

distant voice

third floor classroom farrar voice

right now

Farrar 3rd Floor-Help Me

Farrar Gym-Shut Up

GO 3rd Floor Farrar-amplified

Voice 3rd Floor Farrar-amplified

We conclude that  we believe there is paranormal activity happening in the old school, and that it is possible it may be linked to the cemetery across the street.


Members Diana, Becky, Steph, Andrea, Bryce, and Steve will be investigating the reportedly haunted Farrar school house, located in Farrar Iowa,  on August 27th. The team will be allowed to investigate from 7:00pm to 7:00am.   Please check back on our site for a complete follow up to this investigation.You can read about the background of this school at: