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Camanche, IA Private Home – June 23, 2018

MVP was contacted by a concerned homeowner about various unexplained activity going on in her and her boyfriend’s home. Some of the claimed activity included:

• Loud thuds that shake the whole house that happens often in the 10-11pm hour (many times at 10:47pm) with no explanation.
• Watched as shower items pushed off of lower shower shelf
• Remote for TV moved from love seat armrest mid-air, moved out horizontally 3 feet mid-air, then dropped to the floor
• Front door creaked shut slowly, then slammed extremely forcefully, shaking the house
• Entryway light swaying without any explanation
• Left phone in hallway to record during one night of activity, caught an EVP of a voice saying “Ring, ring, ring” without any TV or radio on.

A team consisting of Becky, Bryce, Diana, Amanda, Tony, and Ashley arrived at the house at 7PM to conduct a full investigation of the property to provide answers the homeowners. An interview and tour were conducted, and the team was able to listen to the EVP captured by the homeowner, and we can confirm that it does sound like a voice saying “ring, ring, ring.” After the homeowners left the premises, Bryce conducted a room-by-room temperature and EMF sweep, noting no unusual readings or spikes.

The Investigation

The investigation commenced around 8PM and several pieces of equipment were employed, including multiple voice recorders, cell sensors, and three K2 meters. There were several attempts to debunk many of the claims, but we were unable to do so. There was a lot of unusual activity with the K2’s as all of them were spiking all night long. We ruled out our cellphones as these are known to interfere with the K2’s. However, the K2’s were not spiking in predictable patterns and we were unable to discover the source.

We waited until the claimed 10:47PM to see if we could experience the house-shaking thud, but unfortunately, the sound did not occur. Following this, the house was quiet until the investigation was called around 11:20PM.

The following personal experiences were noted by the investigators:

Bryce – Heard some strange sounds in the basement, including what sounded like a scream that I captured on audio; can’t fully explain it, but can’t say it’s paranormal either. Caught a couple other unusual sounds in the basement but beyond that, it was a pretty quiet, uneventful night.

Becky – Only thing was I witnessed the unusual K2 activity, but had to leave the investigation early.

Tony – I witnessed the K2 activity, but also heard was sounded like a breath or exhale very close to me in the basement, which was also heard by Ashley but was not captured. Also had a chill on my back that was confirmed by an infrared thermometer.

Amanda – Throughout the evening we did try to debunk several of the claims of the family of different activity reported. I attempted jumping on the landing by the stairs to see if it would move the hanging pendent light above the entry way that the family has reported they have seen swinging. We also tried slamming the front door (which we were not able to actually slam shut because the door fit is tight) and this did not replicate the swinging. We were able to easily hear voices of neighbors outside of the home during our visit but I did not hear any of this on my own audio recordings.
We had numerous instances of K-2 meter activity. When one meter was set on the counter/ledge in the kitchen, several different times the meter did light up. The same thing happened when the meter was set by the table lamp in the living room corner. There were also several spots on the floor in the living room where K-2 activity was noted. It was not consistent and difficult to replicate. It didn’t necessarily seem like any kind of intelligent response but I also could not duplicate the circumstances to get the same result.
While in the basement I did hear a breath several times but did not have my personal audio recorder with me. I also did think I heard a voice several times while in the basement.

Ashley – No real experiences, except for seeing the K2 meters going off and hearing the breath in the basement with Tony.

Diana – I also didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary except for seeing the K2 meter going crazy.


“9:46PM – Faint Basement Sound”

The sound is barely audible, and may not be anything paranormal.


“9:52PM – Basement Scream”

This was heard by Bryce in the basement, and subsequently caught on audio. Though it could possibly be audio matrixing since someone was walking around upstairs when it was caught, the sound seemed out of place.



This was caught on Becky’s recorder, a distinct answer to her question.


Evidence review revealed only a few things that were not fully explainable. Based on our experiences and the evidence caught, we cannot definitively say either way if paranormal activity is occurring in the home. We will be keeping in contact with the homeowners and will reinvestigate should the need arise.

Case Status: OPEN

Undisclosed Iowa Church #2 and Undisclosed Iowa Residence – April 26, 2014

MVP returned the Iowa church we had previous investigated on April 26, 2014 to hopefully capture more evidence that something unusual was occurring, as well as to investigate a church member’s home for the first time.

For previous activity reports, please refer to the February 15, 2014 investigation report. In the church member’s house, claims included the sound of walking on the second floor, seeing the spirit of a little boy, among others.

MVP arrived at the church around 7PM with members Becky Reid, Bryce Carlson, Diana Smith, and Andrea Calkins in attendance.

We were going to do a fairly short investigation of the church and then conduct another investigation at the nearby church member’s residence. We did not conduct any interviews during this investigation as we had talked to the church member prior to arriving at the church and would not be home when we investigated the house. Investigation commenced around 715PM at the church and around 9PM at the home.

The Investigation

Command Center was set up in the back of the sanctuary, with Bryce doing data entry and time-keeping. In the church, there were four voice recorders (two stationary, two mobile), a K2 meter, a geophone, a motion detector, and a Nightshot camera. In the home, there were four stationary voice recorders, K2 meter, and motion detector.

Personal Experiences

The Church

Towards the beginning of the investigation, Becky and Diana heard what sounded like heavy footsteps coming from the balcony, loud enough that Diana thought Becky had gone upstairs when she hadn’t. The same noise was captured later, so it is unknown if this was the sound of the building or unexplained phenomenon. The team also heard one of the metal folding chairs in the back make a noise for no reason. While Diana and Becky were on the balcony and Bryce and Andrea in the basement, both Diana and Becky heard the sound of someone walking down the center aisle. Andrea and Bryce did not hear it and were able to prove that if someone walks in the sanctuary, you can hear it in the basement, which they did not.

The House

MVP did a brief investigation of a church member’s home and concentrated their efforts on the second floor as the husband and a daughter had stayed on the premises and we wished to minimize evidence containment. There were no personal experiences at the home.



The Church


This was heard in the back of the sanctuary. 

“Unknown Voice Over Bryce”

When Bryce answers on the walkie talkie, a voice talks over his.

“Footsteps at Front of Church”

These are the footstep sounds that were heard coming from the front of the sanctuary.

The House

“Many Voices”

This was captured upstairs. It was not heard at the time and it was ruled out as a TV or radio as we could not hear anything from downstairs.


This was the heavy footsteps or banging heard at the beginning of the investigation.

This is the video from the same time as “Noises in front of church.” It has a similar sound to “Noises at Beginning” leading us more towards it having a rational explanation, but still noteworthy.

This is the video of the footsteps in the sanctuary. It is notable that neither the motion sensor or geophone on the piano do not go off in response to the phenomenon.


It was a fairly windy day and discovered during our first investigation, the church building itself does make a lot of noises; therefore a lot of our captured audio was questionable. There were, however, a few that merited inclusion in this report. Our second investigation was fruitful in that we did capture some audio and we continue to believe some sort of activity is occurring in the church, though its source is still unknown. The church member’s house was quiet and the only evidence captured was the unexpected EVP of several voices. This alone does not mean a location has activity, but it is a starting place and MVP would like to investigate the house more thoroughly in the future.

Case Status: CLOSED

Undisclosed Iowa Church – February 15, 2014

MVP was contacted by a member of an Iowa church regarding unexplained activity that has occurred within the church. Reported occurrences include hearing footsteps in hallway upstairs and above sanctuary, a figure seen at the altar, thesound of children giggling, object manipulation, lights turning on and off in the nursery, the feeling of being pushed when upstairs, theelevator moving on its own and lighting up, and noises in the kitchen.

MVP arrived at the church at 6:30PM with members Becky Reid, Bryce Carlson, Diana Smith in attendance. Several members of the church met the team at the church for interviews.

Following the interview and church tour, the members and their families left the premises with the investigation commencing around 8PM.

The Investigation

An EMF tour of the church concluded that there were no unusual electromagnetic fields

Command Center was set up in the coat room. The Night Owl DVR system was set up with one camera covering the sanctuary and a MiniDV camera set on the second floor covering the hallway, along with the geophone. A motion detector was set up at the altar along with an electromagnetic pump. There was a static voice recorder placed in the basement and two mobile voice recorders.

The investigation concluded around 11PM.

Personal Experiences

The team experienced some unexplained occurrences. Both Becky and Diana reported hearing a female moan and other noises in the nursery and second floor.. Diana reported hearing a voice on the second floor. All three investigators reported hearing unexplained sounds in the sanctuary. Becky experienced the elevator light turning on by itself without explanation. Both Becky and Bryce heard what they both described as organ music in the sanctuary. Bryce had reported that the DVR camera covering the sanctuary had moved on its own, however review determined that it was the camera refocusing.



 This was the sound of a chair moving or something similar, heard by all three investigators.

This was a sound heard on both floors.

This was a female-sounding moan heard by both Diana and Becky in the nursery.

This possible organ music was captured in the sanctuary and heard by both Becky and Bryce.

An unknown noise captured in the sanctuary.

An unknown voice captured on the second floor and heard by Diana.



No video evidence was captured.



MVP believes it was both an honor and privilege to be invited to investigate a church that still has an active congregation, as some denominations don’t necessarily believe in the paranormal and/or have different views about it. Being the first church the team has investigated, we didn’t know what we were walking into, but it was an experience worth while. While we didn’t experience any of the reported claims, we did experience some activity that has definitely opened us to a return investigation, should it be requested. We would like to get to the bottom of what could possibly be causing the activity in this beautiful building, and maybe even have a few members of the church join us.

Case Status: OPEN

Muscatine, IA Private Home – February 1, 2014

MVP was contacted by a single mother living in Muscatine, Iowa regarding a fair amount of unexplained activity occurring in her home. Reported occurrences included seeing a black mass, hearing footsteps, objects being moved, whispering, etc. Also reported are various lights in the house turning on by themselves and the pets being bothered often. She also said that her son experienced some activity, including his dresser drawers all pulling out evenly on their own and pounding on the walls.

Temperature upon arrival was 19 degrees with a partly cloudy sky. The moon phase was Waxing Crescent.

MVP arrived at the home at 6:30PM with members Becky Reid, Bryce Carlson, Sally Jacobs, Mandy Peters, and Terry Enright in attendance.

Following an interview and house tour, the homeowner left the premises with the investigation commencing around 8PM.

An EMF tour of the home concluded that there was an unusually high amount of electromagnetic fields throughout the house. An investigation of the electrical conduit in the basement concluded this to be the primary cause, with the homeowner being informed about it.

Command Center was set up in the dining room. The Night Owl DVR cameras were set up facing the kitchen, one covering the basement, and one the master bedroom. The geophone was set up in the son’s bedroom with a minidv camera recording it. Two 360-degree recorders were set up, one in the living room and the other in the master bedroom. Another recorder was set up in the basement. The cell sensor was set up in the living room. There were 2 mobile recorders, 2 mobile EMF detectors, and 2 digital cameras.

The investigation concluded around 11PM.

Personal Experiences

There were few personal experiences. Before the investigation started, at 7:30PM, it was reported that the light in the master bedroom was on when it confirmed that it had been turned off. At various times, everyone reported unexplained noises that were heard throughout the house, with no explanation.



No audio evidence was captured.


A noise is heard and the geophone flashes.

Movement upstairs and the geophone flashes.


Geophone flashes.




Though the team members didn’t experience any of the homeowner’s claims, we have no reason to doubt the homeowners’ claims about the house. While we usually look at the lack of activity as a good sign, the owner has already reported additional activity occurring within the home. One investigation usually isn’t enough time to try to fully determine what is happening at a location, so MVP looks forward to hopefully investigating this property again so we can end or at least determine the source of paranormal activity.

Case Status: OPEN

Coal Valley, IL Private Homes – April 27, 2013


MVP returned to Coal Valley on April 27, 2013 to confront head-on the paranormal activity that had been plaguing the small home and its family for years, and to newly investigate the neighboring house, where the grandmother lives.

For previous activity reports, please refer to the April 6, 2013 investigation report. In the grandmother’s house, her claims included objects moving, a baby crying with no source, and the phone repeatedly ringing with no incoming calls.

Temperature upon arrival was 60 degrees with a clear sky. The moon phase was Full.

MVP arrived at the home around 7:10PM with members Becky Reid, Bryce Carlson, Stephanie Adams, Diana Smith, Steve Danielsen, and Mandy Peters in attendance.

Following a follow-up with the family, the team met with the grandmother for an interview and tour of her house. Following this, all the clients left the premises and the investigation commenced at 8:20PM. This investigation was unique in that the team was investigating two houses simultaneously. The investigation of both houses ended at 12:45AM.

Command Center was set up in the dining, with Bryce doing data entry and time-keeping. In the family’s house, there were 2 voice recorders in the back living room, 1 voice recorder in one of the childrens’ rooms, a video camera in the master bedroom, and an EM pump, geophone, and video camera in the hallway. At the grandmother’s house, there was an EM pump and 2 voice recorders. Additionally, there were 2 digital cameras, a mobile voice recorder, and a full-sprectrum digital camera.

A K2 session also was performed at both locations with mixed results. A spirit box session was also tried with mixed results. Coins were set out at various locations in the grandmother’s house, with no resulting movement.


Personal Experiences

The Family’s House


During the follow-up with the family, everyone present heard what sounded like a growl or burp that couldn’t be explained along with two moaning noises. At 8:37, Becky and Bryce both heard bumps coming from the door to the garage, with no explanation. At 8:55, Steph and Amanda witnessed unexplained lights occurring in the dining room. At 9:18, Steph experienced a static electricity-like feeling in the front living room. At 9:28, Steph and Mandy experienced a flashlight moving on its own in the front living room. At 9:34, both Steph and Mandy heard a female voice in the front living room. At 10:36, Becky reported hearing a whimpering sound coming from the master bedroom. At 10:40, Diana experienced a static electricity phenomenon in the front living room. At 11:18 and 11:28, Steve experienced object movement in the back living room and dining room while alone. Starting at 11:29, nearly everyone started smelling a cat urine-like odor in both the kitchen and dining room, this occurring randomly all the way until the investigation concluded. At 11:57, Mandy reported that she was touched on the left arm while in the dining room. At 12:00, Becky and Diana felt a static electricity sensation in the dining room. At 12:06, Steph experienced something kicking her chair in the dining room. At 12:16, both Becky and Mandy reported a visible orb in the back living room. At 12:18, Mandy reported the sensation of fingers combing through her hair while in the dining room. At 12:21, Steph reported being touched on the shoulder while in the dining room. At 12:23, Becky and Mandy reported a strange, unexplained noise in the kitchen. At 12:26, Steph reported feeling a heaviness in the dining room.

The Grandmother’s House


At 8:52, Bryce reported an unexplainable noise in the living room. At 9:00, Becky and Bryce both heard loud shuffling coming from one of the back bedrooms. At 9:12, Bryce witnessed shadow movement in the hallway. At 9:15, Becky heard an unexplained ‘thud’ in the master bedroom. She also reported another noise at 9:16. At 9:18, Bryce reported a large shadow moving in the hallway. At 9:20, both Bryce and Diana heard a snapping noise coming from one of the back bedrooms. At 9:22, Diana witnessed an orb moving in the kitchen. At 9:30, Becky reported lights in the hallway. At 9:32, Bryce experienced a bed in one of the back bedrooms moving. At 10:15, Mandy reported unexplained lights in the living room. At 10:19, Steph witnessed an orb in the living room.



This was the disembodied growl or burp we heard before the start of the investigation

This was one of the moans we also heard before the investigation

The other moan we heard

This was the shuffling we heard in the grandmother’s house that we were unable to explain

An unexplained sound, sounding like something slamming to the ground



No video evidence was captured.


Again, there were several personal experiences, even some unexplained noises that were heard and captured while talking with the family. We do believe that activity is occurring at the family’s house and following our investigation of the grandmother’s house, there also appears to be mild, nonthreatening activity in her home as well. We will work with the family in the coming weeks to attempt to reduce, if not rid, the home of any and all paranormal activity so the family can finally be at peace in their home.

Case Status: CLOSED

Coal Valley, IL Investigation – April 6, 2013

Coal Valley 4-6-13 002

MVP was contacted by a mother who was concerned about her daughter and family that were experiencing some intense paranormal activity in their home. MVP member Steve Danielsen then contacted the daughter for information regarding her home and the occurring activity.

Activity reported includes:

-Witnessing shadow masses

-Experiencing poltergeist-like activity

-Doors being open and shut on a daily basis

-Physical attacks

-Foul odors

-Unexplainable sounds including voices and whispers

The clients had recently built an addition to their house which included a dining room/living room, master bedroom with bath, and a laundry room. They believe that two spirits occupy the house, with the previous owner occupying the original section of the house and a darker spirit occupying the new section of the house.

Temperature upon arrival was 66 degrees with a mostly cloudy sky. The moon phase was Waning Crescent. Storms moved into the area during the investigation.

MVP arrived at the home around 7PM with members Becky Reid, Bryce Carlson, Stephanie Adams, Diana Smith, Steve Danielsen, and Terry Enright in attendance.

House had a temperature of 68 degrees with no notable EMF fields detected.

Following an interview and tour of the home, the investigation commenced at 7:45PM, with the homeowners leaving the premises. The investigation was wrapped around 10PM due to severe weather concerns.

Command Center was set up in the dining, with Bryce doing data entry and time-keeping. There was a voice recorder positioned in one of the front bedrooms with a video camera in the same room for a part of the investigation. Another recorder was placed in the dining area, by our Command Center. Another recorder was placed in the master bedroom for half the investigation and was mobile for the rest. There was one additional recorder that was mobile for most of the investigation. A geophone was placed in the kitchen area to detect any movement. Additionally, there were two digital cameras, one Mel meter, and a full-sprectrum digital camera.

The flashlight experiment was attempted, with mixed results. The K2 session also was performed with mixed results.

Personal Experiences

At 8:24, both Steve and Terry reported an unexplained sound, possibly a growl, coming from the kitchen. At 8:31, Becky reported an unexplained shadow crossing the back living room. At 8:45, Terry reported witnessing a yellow ball of light in the back living room. At 8:58, Diana reported seeing a dense fog or mist in the master bedroom. At 9:02, Becky reported seeing shadow movement in the hallway. At 9:30, Steph and Bryce reported a shuffling-type sound coming from the kitchen. At 9:51, Becky reported more shadow activity in the hallway.



This is a voice that was we were unable to explain

This is a cough or similar sound that we were not able to explain

Captured on 2 recorders at 9:01PM is a response to Steve



Terry’s camera was recording when Becky saw the shadow at 9:02PM, and this is what was captured:

This is again from Terry’s camera, it is the response to Steve that was also captured on our voice recorders:


There were several personal experiences that occurred in this residence, some coinciding with what has been experienced by the family. The team did not stay nearly as long as they would have liked, due to the storms, and as a result have already scheduled a follow-up investigation to occur at a later date, and we can hopefully put this family at ease.

Case Status: OPEN

Davenport, IA Private Home – February 12, 2013


MVP was contacted by a mother concerned about activity surrounding her teenage son as well as other activity occurring within the home. Activity reported to MVP included the following:

-The son woke up and felt something warm on his neck, he then drove to where his mom works because it scared him. He hadn’t even looked in the mirror at that point and she said he was white as a sheet and shaking. She saw the marks on his neck and he had some on his torso too.

-The mother saw shower curtain move for no apparent reason.

-The mother heard the bedroom door slam shut, with no one home.

Temperature upon arrival was 15 degrees with a mostly cloudy sky. The moon phase was Waning Gibbous.

MVP arrived at the home around 7:15PM with members Becky Reid, Bryce Carlson, Steve Danielsen, and Diana Smith in attendance. House set-up and environment readings are as follows:

-The entry way had a temperature of 69 degrees and a base electromagnetic field reading (EMF) of 0.1-0.2 milligauss.

-The main hallway had a temperature of 70 degrees and a base EMF reading of 0.2 milligauss.

-The living room had a temperature of 70 degrees and a base EMF reading of 0.1 milligauss.

-The kitchen had a temperature of 71 degrees and a base EMF of 0.1-0.2 milligauss.

-The bathroom had a temperature of 70 degrees and a base EMF of 0.1-0.2 milligauss.

-The son’s bedroom had a temperature of 70 degrees and a base EMF of 0.1 milligauss.

-The master bedroom had a temperature of 70 degrees and a base EMF of 0-0.1 milligauss.

There were no indications of any high EMF fields in the home.

Following a tour of the home and brief interview, the investigation commenced around 7:40PM, with the client leaving the premises. The investigation was wrapped around 9PM.

Command Center was set up in the kitchen, with Bryce doing data entry and time-keeping. A real-time digital voice recorder was set up in the kitchen and monitored by Bryce. A REM pod was set up in the son’s bedroom, then moved to the house’s hallway halfway through the investigation. An EMF pump was set up in the son’s bedroom, next to the REM pod. There were 3 mobile voice recorders, a cell sensor, and a K2 meter. The team also set up a new geophone.

The flashlight experiment was attempted in the living room, with no results. A spirit box session was also tried in both the living room and son’s room, with limited success.

Personal Experiences

At 7:50PM, both Becky and Diana heard a clicking sound coming from the hallway while sitting in the living room. At 8:10PM, both Becky and Diana witnessed a shadow dart from right to left while sitting in the living room. Becky also felt the couch shift as this occurred. There was no source of the shadow that could be determined.



The team was sitting in the living room and Bryce in the kitchen and clicking noises kept being heard from the hallway:

Here is a response from the spirit box, though it doesn’t indicate any paranormal activity, it is interesting:


No video cameras were used during this investigation.


Because most of the activity that brought us to this home was focused on the son, MVP was hoping to interview him to try to find the source of the activity, however he was either unable or unwilling to speak to us, therefore we can only report on what was found during our investigation. Based on our findings, we cannot say that any activity is occurring in the home at this time.

Case Status: CLOSED

Dubuque Iowa private home investigation

MVP was contacted by a concerned mother about possible paranormal activity in her home and on December 3, 2011, Becky, Diana, Steve, and Bryce traveled to Dubuque, Iowa to help the family.
According to the family, the house was built around 1890 and they have lived in the home for a year-and-a-half. According to the mother, her oldest son, who is 9, sleep walks and some of the things that he says and does while he is sleep walking is frightening. Other reports include sounds of people walking around on the upper floor of the home when no one is up there as well as doors that open on their own, including a latched cubby hole above a closet that will open on its own.
The team arrived in Dubuque around 7PM to conduct an interview with the family. During this time, team learned that the father doesn’t believe anything is happening in the home. Following the interview, the team toured the house with the mother pointing out “hotspots” of activity while Steve and Bryce checked the house’s electromagnetic fields for any irregularities, noting that there was a high field in the living room that seemed tied to the electrical wiring, as well as around the electrical box.
Around 8PM the investigation commenced. Becky and Diana went to the second floor where the family’s bedrooms are and Steve and Bryce went to the basement. While in the basement, Steve and Bryce noticed unusual EMF activity around the washer and dryer, but also noted that the main water line entered the house at that area as well. It was also noted that when an appliance or the furnace turn on, there is a surge in the EMF field that was detected in both the basement and the second floor. Becky and Diana reported no unusual occurrences on the second floor.
After about forty-five minutes, the team converged on the second floor where Steve conducted a ghost box session. We also invited the mother and father to sit in with us as we conducted the session. While the validity of a ghost box is up in the air, several responses to our questions are suspect. The investigation wrapped around 10PM.
No one on the team reported any notable personal experiences and only one audio or video anomalies were found.
Posted below are some of the ghost box responses and MVP does not consider this true evidence.



Spiritbox responses:

spiritbox hi

spiritbox reply 2

spiritbox reply bryce 1

spiritbox reply me 2

spiritbox reply what comes after four