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Willow Creek Farm – November 17th, 2012

Mississippi Valley Paranormal Investigation Report

Willow Creek FarmNovember 17th, 2012


On November 17th, 2012, Mississippi Valley Paranormal conducted an investigation on the residence of Willow Creek Farm, located in the Northern Illinois farmland, about 45 miles southeast of Galena, Illinois. Attending the investigation were MVP members: Stephanie Adams, Becky Reid, Bryce Carlson, Terry Enright, and Steve Danielsen.

Willow Creek Farm has extensive history, both official and unofficial, and has been stated as one of the most haunted locations in Illinois by author Michael Kleen in 2010 (, and featured on the Biography channel’s television show “My Ghost Story S4, E11” aired in 2012 featuring the farm’s current owner Al Kelchner ( Willow Creek Farm is the last story of the show’s hour and definitely worth a look for anyone interested in the farm and/or the paranormal.


Official History

Because the residence and surrounding areas has so much history, I feel it is better to include a link to the history so that if interested one can take a look at what has already been neatly and significantly compiled. Please check out this link for more information on Willow Creek Farm:


Unofficial History:


There have been several mediums that have visited the site along with other paranormal groups, some of which have compiled hard evidence such as EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), videos, and pictures. Because evidence presented by mediums and psychics cannot be proven, we feel that the history presented by his/her claims cannot be presented as official history and facts, however the complied reports that have been presented to the owner have been extensive and startling. Some of these reported entities that have been sense inside and outside of the home by mediums include: several unknown entities inside and outside of the home which carry both positive and very negative energies with them, an African-American male name Joe who may have murdered someone in the home, a male farmer named Big Mike who likes to pull pranks and is a bit of a jokester, a grieving woman named Anna from the early 1800s, a young boy named Robbie who had died in the home from extended illness, a woman named Sara who seems to be drawn to the current owner, and two young girls named Lily and Mary who are both Sara’s daughters from life.


The Investigation


MVP arrived at Willow Creek Farm around 6:00 p.m. and proceeded to meet with the owner Al Kelchner outside the residence to follow his instructions on what he wished done before entering the home. Once inside the home, the team unloaded equipment and conversed with the owner about the experiences reported in the home, both by himself and by others. The team then conducted a walk-thru of the home, getting familiar with the residence and its various areas. Once situated, the entire team went out to eat for about an hour and half with the owner leaving several audio recorders running in various places in the home as well as two video cameras. Once the team returned to the home, several mini investigations took place both inside and outside of the property at times with the five person team splitting up into pairs or in small groups, and other times remaining together. The investigation wrapped up around 2:30 a.m. on the morning of November 18th.

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Personal Experiences:


MVP Member – Becky Reid

6:20 pm: While sitting at the dining room table, I saw a whitish mass about the size of a soccer ball appear about 4 feet off the floor in the doorway of the laundry room. It dissipated within seconds.

6:31pm: While sitting at the dining room table, talking to Al, I saw what looked like a very small wisp of smoke behind the scarecrow centerpiece that was on the table. It almost looked like the smoke you would see right after you extinguish a candle.

6:44 Both Bryce and I heard what sounded like a high pitched squeak or voice. I thought I had captured it on audio but it can’t be heard.

When Bryce and Terry left the house, Steve and I noticed the chandelier swinging. We mentioned it and Al and Stephanie saw it too. Stephanie tried to debunk it by opening and closing the door, but that did not make it move.

While in the nursery with Steph, she and I both saw a whitish thread like shape next to Steve.

MVP Member – Terry Enright

I heard a dog bark down in the old basement and I heard a whistle someplace upstairs that Steph and Bryce heard. I also heard a few male voices that everyone heard downstairs.


MVP Member – Steve Danielsen

Shortly after arriving and Al had done the prayer and smudging of the door, upon walking in the house I suddenly found myself aloof, unable to conceive a clear thought.  I felt like I was not myself.  I remember looking at everyone but the words they were saying made no sense.  I had felt sadness along with a little naseousness.  Can’t say as to what exactly had happened, but found it a little unsettling. When walking through the living room into a smaller room I had felt a sharp pain in my finger as if someone had stabbed it with a needle. Late in the night I had heard a high pitched voice coming from the master bedroom.

MVP Member – Bryce Carlson 

When we arrived, I looked back towards the fields and machine shop and saw a red light fly over the machine shed. When I was coming down the stairs from the second floor, I heard what sounded like a little child or something similar at the base of the stairs that was also heard by Becky.  While sitting at the table in the dining room, I saw what appeared to be a shadow in the adjoining room that had no visible source


MVP Member – Stephanie Adams

While in the room next to the living room during the walk thru (dark room) I felt a very anxious panicky feeling and it was very hard to breathe. I felt that feeling in one other room upstairs (one of the empty small rooms to the left of the stairs) and that time I wanted to get out of the room. I did not feel this feeling later in the night anywhere.

While upstairs sitting with Becky and Steve I saw a white threadish like shape next to Steve appear briefly than vanish.

While in the basement with Steve and Terry I saw the flashlight turn on by itself when requested to by Steve. It only did this once but no one human turned it on and off when it did come on.



Evidence Collected:

Audio Evidence:

Visual Evidence:



Mississippi Valley Paranormal cannot verify what exactly is happening at Willow Creek Farm but did acquire what we believe to be some electronic voice phenomena that is unexplained as well some members hearing and seeing phenonemen during the investigation with his/her own eyes and ears. This type of evidence and experiences could indicate possible intelligent activity at the residence. There were also some intense feelings on part of a few members that should also be further explored. The team plans to revisit Willow Creek Farm to conduct another investigation in the near future.



*** The Mississippi Valley Paranormal team members would like to thank Al Kelchner for his hospitality and graciousness to allow us to visit his home and family. We had a great time, wish him the best always, and hope to see him again soon! ***


Davenport Investigation May 2011

On May 7th, 2011, MVP performed an investigation in a private home in Davenport, IA by request of the home owners. Members present include Becky, Steph, Diana, Steve, Terry, Bryce, and Bob. After eating dinner at the Food Court in the local mall we arrived at the home around 7:00 p.m. with our gear and our high spirits.

After greeting the home owners and their cats’ Steph, Becky, and Diana conducted the interview with the two women who reside in the home while the rest of the team did a walk-thru throughout the residence ending up in the basement. The reports from the occupants include hearing noises such as footsteps, muffled talking, and each hearing her name called to which no one else was present. One of the women of the house claimed to have seen many different people inside and right outside of the home, including the former owner of the house who had passed away in the present living room of the home. When she sees these people, they are solid images not see-thru, do not seem to see her, and usually are only there for a few moments. One example of this is when they first moved in the home the owner was moving some things in and when she opened the bedroom closet there was a young woman there bending down towards the floor. The woman she saw was solid, had brown hair, and seemed to be picking something up. When the owner glanced away and then looked back, the young woman was gone. She has seen this young woman again in different parts of the home. There had been some strange incidents with a clock in the home as they both report the clock showing one time and then “fixing itself” later to say the correct time. The cats in the home tend to act strangely at times, one in particular who seems to stare and interact with “nothing”. The smell of perfume has been smelled suddenly and then was gone, as well as a smoke smell in the home.

From summarizing the interview the two most probable spirits of the house may be the former owner of the home who died there several years ago, and one of the woman’s mother, whom she was told by two different mediums was there watching over her.

We began the investigation with Becky, Steph, and Diana upstairs and Steve, Terry, Bryce, and Bob in the basement. The sound carried strongly throughout the house so each team needed to be aware of this and tag his/her audio appropriately. We had the owners turn off the heater/cooler in the house to get rid of the noise and to lesson temperature changes. The girls sat upstairs in the living room first using EMF meters, conducting an EVP session, and listening for any odd noises. After some time Becky and Steph moved into one of the bedrooms while Diana stayed in the living room which is in sight of the bedroom. Downstairs the men conducted several walk-thrus with the EMF meters and also conducted various EVP sessions.  Steph and Diana moved downstairs later in the evening with Terry while Steve, Bob, and Bryce came upstairs to sit with Becky. After an incident with a K-2 detector downstairs, Steve and Bob came down to also check out the occurrence.

Personal experiences during this investigation include…

Becky – I heard a female voice say something in a “sing song” manner with my own ears. This was captured on audio (see EVPs). I also saw a small white bead of light in the front bedroom.

Diana – I felt nothing until me and Steph went downstairs to the basement and the K-2 meter started going off. That was weird because up to that point it had not gone off all night. I honestly don’t believe those hits were caused by static. The thing is we were just sitting there. We were not even walking around it to be the ones creating the static. Something was making it go off and I don’t believe it was all static. I honestly believe something was there…maybe the woman’s mother.

Steph – I heard a few noises upstairs one particular in the bathroom that all three of us girls heard as it was quite loud. While downstairs I also witnessed the K-2 meter going off suddenly and out of nowhere. It had been sitting there dead for hours and then it lit up like it was trying to get our attention. It seemed to answer questions as it would light up on cue when asked and also go dead while asked to move away. I also believe it may be the mother of the owner and I asked it specifically four different times if it was her name and three out of the four gave me a direct and strong hit. It did seem to be constant at times too, so I am on the fence if it was paranormal or static but it is definitely something very noteworthy.

Terry – While in the basement, it felt like something lightly touched my back. This was while I’m trying to figure out if my shirt just bunched up on me and is captured in the “Yeah I’m mad” EVP (see EVPs). Also in the basement a remote control seemed to have slid off of a shelf by itself and was witnessed by all four male members of the group. A few EVPs were caught during that as well (see EVPs). Later downstairs, while Steph and I were on one side of the basement and Diane was on the other, her K-2 meter suddenly started going crazy. We started asking questions and seemed to get responses. This activity started with no camera or digital recorder near it to make it go off. I slowly added a camera and a digital voice recorder was placed next to it and it seemed to make no difference. We got some of this event on video (see video clips).

Bob – I found the basement area in the storage room to be a little strange and it felt like somebody was in there with you. While the men were downstairs we each did a five minute EVP session in that storage room with the door shut and both Steve and I commented on hearing shuffling and/or a popping sound coming from around the window area. Once while filming it seemed that a small black glob of some kind flew past the doorway but upon reviewing the camcorder footage I was unable to see it. I also witnessed the K-2 meter appearing to respond to questions later on in the investigation.

Steve – While doing EMF sweeps in the basement I felt the presence of something watching me. I attempted to immediately ask for responses. While doing this I felt the back room fill with what felt like static electricity which made the hairs stand up on my neck and arms. Later while doing an EVP session with Bob, Terry, Bryce, and Bob, we felt the the room fill up with static and heard something fall off the shelf. Upon further inspection we noticed that a remote control had fallen to the floor. None is us were near the shelf at the time when it fell. This came shortly after I asked for a sign of its presence. This area turned out to be the same area in which the K-2 meter was going off later in the evening. Several times we had seen plastic bags that were hanging from the ceiling move in different directions. This could have been caused from a draft or from movement upstairs but one seemed to move when I asked for something to move an object. When doing an isolation session in the back room I heard something moving about near the furnace.

All in all I think this home warrants another investigation if the owners would indeed like us to visit. There are a few EVPs that are definitely unexplainable and we would like to take a look in the basement again as the K-2 meter cannot yet be fully proved or disproved. MVP would like to thank the two woman for welcoming us into their home and for being so forthcoming, kind, and gracious.

8 16PM whisper just before remote falls from somewhere

9 01PM few things going on here

female voice after steve says pooltable




something over bob’s voice

voice while terry is talking after he says do that again


loud whisper then sliding and remote falling

big whisper basement

yeah… I’m mad




K-II 3 times

k-II likes cats and is not Fred



Return to Illinois City

On November 6th, 2010 MVP conducted a follow-up investigation to a private home in Illinois City, IL with permission from the owners. People present at this investigation included Steph, Steve, Diana, and Terry. After arriving at the house a little after 7:00 p.m. we first conducted an interview with the owners to gather any recent experiences and/or if anything has increased in the home since our last visit.

Jim reported hearing various growls around the house including in his bedroom at the foot of the bed. Things had been moved, for instance a catalog on the kitchen table being opened after leaving a room when previously it had been closed. There was a Halloween bowl that is set off by movement that has gone off by itself when nothing was around. Shadows were seen outside. The owners were particular interested in the EVP we gathered the last time the team was there of a voice stating “help me”. We thanked them for allowing us back and told them we would do what we could do.

Since the team was so small and the house is on the smaller side we all stuck together the whole night so that we wouldn’t have to worry about noise contamination from each other. Steve set up his video camera on a tripod in the room off of the kitchen to film directly into the kitchen. Terry also set up his camera from the front room towards us in the kitchen and we put various audio recorders around the house as well as had at least one with the group the whole time. As an experiment Steph set up the Halloween bowl that sensors movement in the kitchen on the opposite end from everyone else to see if it went off.

Steph also placed a closed catalog on the kitchen table and verbally asked out loud to show her something in it if they wished. Steve also set some coins on the table to see if any would move or disappear

We started an EVP session in the kitchen and later moved into the living room in the front. Steph sat in the chair that Becky had felt push her forward last time with the others on the couch and chair in the other parts of the room. We then moved into the bedroom in which the growls were reported in and conducted an EVP session there. Lastly, we all moved to the basement where it seems had the most activity for us all night.

After coming up from the basement we moved into the side bedroom upstairs by the bathroom that seemed to hold the most “pull” from various members of the group. No one seemed to like that room too much which was never really explained, just more of a feeling.

Personal experiences:

Steph – Every time I stepped into the doorway of the bedroom upstairs by the bathroom I felt lightheaded. Every single time and it would come on immediately and strong. I felt this way nowhere else in the house. At one time out in the front room when everyone was walking into the front bedroom I suddenly felt as if something was behind me and I hurried everyone into the room as I wanted to get there so my back was no longer facing the room we were coming out of. Downstairs there was a blatant noise that came after I asked “would you like those artifacts to be reburied in the grounds?” Everyone heard it as it was loud and sudden. It did not come again at any other time in the basement although there were a few lighter ones here and there. We agreed that the lighter ones were probably just the house settling but not the loud noise we all heard as it could not be easily explained.

Steve – Felt the heavy feeling in the bedroom off of the living room. While interviewing the client I saw a flash of light in the corner near the bedroom but did not know what to make of it at the time. While in the bedroom off of the living room I felt as if it was hard to breath in the room and that the atmosphere was heavy. Also while in the basement I, along with everyone else, heard the loud knock in response to Steph’s question.

Terry – Hair felt almost electric when we first got there. And, pretty loud bang in the basement that was obvious, and heard by all. Thought it had a different feel when we turned the lights back on at the end of the investigation.

Diana – I can’t say that I had many personal experiences except when we were downstairs and when Steph asked if the artifacts that were recovered from the land should be buried again and there was that loud bang and I felt a cold breeze on my right side as I was sitting on the couch. I also had a creeped out feeling when we were in that bedroom off of the kitchen and I heard what sounded like something being moved or dragged and I felt like there was someone standing behind me.


9 33 do you want them to rebury the artifacts Bang

female voice illinois city

whisper illinois city

7 57 Help

help him

motion bowl

We want to thank Jim and his sister again for letting us come out into to home.  We cannot explain scientifically everything that has happened in our investigations in the house so we believe there is something going on. We don’t feel that it should be feared but want to extend our help at any time the activity starts to feel threatening and they do not feel safe in any way. For now, the owners have just found a way to deal with the experiences in the home and are (semi) peacefully living side by side with the activity.

As a side note….If you plan to set up a sensored Halloween bowl with a big moving hand and a very loud noise when it goes off at a paranormal investigation remember that it is there and where it is. Also remember that it may go off when taking pictures. That thing scared the heck out of many members during the night as it went off (by natural means) and may have been responsible for several underwear changes among us all.

Axe Murder House Villisca, Iowa 2010

On August 19th, 2010, five members of MVP went to Villisca, IA to stay in the infamous Villisca Axe Murder House.  The members preset at this investigation were Bob Brading, Steve Danielson, Andrea Calkins, Jordan Johnson, and Stephanie Adams.  With the exception of Stephanie, who had been there before in 2008, this was all of the members’ first time visiting Villisca and the axe murder house.

Please see this website for more information on the Villisca Axe Murder House and its unfortunate history…

Around 5:00 that day, all five members met up at Villisca at the Olson-Linn museum to meet Darwin, the owner, and John, who would be our tour guide, a very informative and engaging man.  After taking some time at the museum to check out its history and various awesome collections, the team began the tour.  After driving down the very roads of Villisca, we were first shown the churches in which the Moore family and murder suspect Frank Jones frequently visited (located right across the street from each other) whom would later have a major fued after the Moore murders.  We then parked at the cemetery where we visited the well taken care of but very sad graves of the Moore family and the Stillinger sisters.  After that we were then shown to the house and after being given a brief tour and instructions by John, our guide, we were left all alone with the house for the night to begin our investigation and adventures.

After all of the members did a full walk-thru of the house, we unpacked our equipment in the barn behind the house which is equipped with a bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, TV/DVD player, ect.  We then set off to Casey’s General Store to get some snacks and drinks to satisfy us for the evening.  Around 7:30 p.m. that night we were all ready and willing to officially begin our investigation.

We split up the group most of the night so that there would always be two people left outside in the barn to watch over the equipment and valuables as the barn itself was open and does not lock.  We also split to help avoid any noise contamination as the noise carried very easy and readily in the house making less inside the better.  This made the group inside the house at a time only being two or three members at the most.  Bob, Andrea, and Jordan were the first to go in followed by Steve and Stephanie when they returned.  These groups took turns like this throughout most of the night, with Andrea switching joining each one on and off.

The night seemed more active outright earlier with most of the personal experiences taking place between 8:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. generally.  After midnight the house seemed to die down so to speak, and to the members outright there seemed to be nothing unusual or strange going on inside the house.  After we got back and listened to our audio (over 40 hours with all of audio together) we found out that we were very very wrong.

The group chose to pack up around 4:30 a.m. or so and we then headed our seperate ways home after a uplifting and overall exciting and fun experience for us all.

Here are some of our personal experiences below seen, heard, and felt by individuals and sometimes as a group during our investigation…

Stephanie Adams – “The biggest physical evidence for me that night was while myself, Andrea, and Steve were in the house around 9:00 p.m. or so that night.  We were all on the second floor and Steve started to report some strange EMF readings.  The EMF would spike then disappear then spike again in a different place, almost like it was following something moving.  I asked if I could hold it and after doing so I stood in the hallway right in front of the attic door.  I stuck my arm out so that the EMF Meter was in the small closet area between the actual hallway and the entrance of the attic.  The EMF was at a steady very low number for about 10 seconds then right before my eyes and Andrea and Steve it started to climb slowly up (I remained completely still) the numbers increasing slowly up and up until it was about 15 numbers higher than it was.  It remained there while I asked it to stay.  After about a minute or two it began to fall, again slowly (not fast), until it finally hit the lowest number it began at in the first place.  I did not move the entire time.  I continued to go back to that very spot while I was up there and it did not do that again ever nor did it ever have a reading at all there.  Something seemed to be there at that moment in front of us, moving in, staying, then moving out.   Another experience I had was hearing a dragging noise twice in in the kitchen while me and Steve were in the house later on.  I checked with the three members of the team via walkie-talkie if any of them or anything outside had made any noise at that time and they said no.  I did not hear that same noise again the rest of the night.  The scariest of the night was the feeling of something following behind me once out of the attic, enough to vocally want out of there.”

Steve Danielson – “I also saw the EMF activity that Stephanie mentioned outside of the attic.  Earlier, when myself, Steph, and Andrea were in the home, we were upstairs and had decided to enter the attic.  At this time the attic door was closed.  I was the first one in.  Upon opening the attic door I was hit with an intense heaviness.  To explain it, it would be like opening an oven door and the heat hits your face, only without the heat.  It was enough to make me stop for a few seconds to recover.  I felt dizzy and sort of like I was under water.  When in the attic, I decided to provoke a little bit to see if we could catch the attention of the rumored ghost of the killer.  While doing this, I felt a cold presence behind me.  I had gotten an EMF spike of a 1.2 then it fluctuated between .5 and .9.  I handed the EMF meter to Stephanie because I wanted her to see this.  I could feel the presence behind me so she held the EMF meter there and it showed a .5.  I then felt it on my left side.  So she moved the EMF detector to my left side and caught a .7.  It then moved in behind me again and to my right side.  Here the EMF was at a .4. Then it went away.  While this presence was around me it felt like whatever side it was on was like having that side of my body exposed to an open freezer door.  Was it the killer’s ghost, or just one of the children?  By the way, this home has no electricity so any EMF in the home is taken as strange.  The second experience came when me, Steph and Andrea were in Joe and Sarah’s bedroom.  I was pointing my camera down the short hallway towards the children’s bedroom.  Suddenly the whole frame went out of focus.  I took a step forward and it all immediately went back into focus.  I took a step back, still in focus.  Then out of nowhere it went out of focus again.  I could see a reflection of my illuminator in a picture frame in the bedroom, and something stepped in front of that blocking it out.  Then the camera went out of focus again.  This repeated several times, and I thought that I had it debunked as the reflection of the illuminator in the window bouncing back at the camera and throwing it out of focus, but I am not completely convinced of this after watching footage over and over again.  One last personal experience happened in the children’s bedroom.  This was after we had come out of the attic.  We re-entered the children’s bedroom to notice that the atmosphere had changed.  It was no longer warm, it seemed cold and heavy.  Again I had the presence step in behind me when I decided to provoke the rumored killer’s ghost.  What was strange is as hard as I provoked, it did nothing but stand behind me.  Was this a child hiding behind me for protection?  I think if it had been the ghost of the killer I would have had a much more violent reaction.  One more thing.  When doing walk-thru, Bob and I were doing EMF readings in the attic.  Upon entering I noticed a cold spot over the mattress that is in there.  I then caught the same traveling EMF spikes we caught later in the evening.  There was an electrical substation across the street, but I took the time to trace any EMF from that substation to the home.  When you reach the edge of the yard, all EMF ceases.  I even went to several of the windows to see if there was any stray EMF from the sub station there with no results.  The home was completely dead for EMF.”

Andrea Calkins – “I also saw the EMF meter’s activity outside the attic door as Steph and Steve did.  No other personal experiences.”

Bob Brading – “As Jordan and I were standing in the kitchen we heard what sounded like a faint conversation between several small children.  The sound was coming from the front of the house and the rest of the team was in the barn area in the rear of the yard.  It was also very late and there were no people outside at this time.”

Jordan Johnson – “Feeling footsteps in the childrens bedroom upstairs, and hearing girls conversation in the kitchen.”

The team captured several EVPs from the house –  a few of them being very clear.  One in particular startled all of us, and is probably the best EVP the team as a whole has caught yet.  This one was taken while Steph and Steve were in the house but neither one of them heard anything with his/her own ear at all at the time.  Steph and Steve were in the Stillinger girls’ bedroom and had decided to try another location and had just entered the kitchen at the time this was recorded.  The recorder was sitting on the steps between the first and second floor at the time.  The EVP was also taken about 2 to 3 minutes before Steph reported hearing the dragging noise

I’m upstairs with ma – cleaned

Here are the rest of the EVPs we captured…  a few others being as clear as we have ever caught.


2 45AM, I’m watching this

I love you

Cleared Throat or Growl

please help me


class A EVP Villisca Axe Murder House

strange voice villisca

you suck


Please check out the website for the DVD we are offering of this investigation and also our Youtube channel in which clips of various items are present.

In conclusion, the group as a whole definitely believes there is something going on at the Villisca House.  Either when Steph and Diana felt the dark unsettling precense before in 2008 and Chris felt the calming presence and made a friend in the little one Ina, or this time in 2010 when there were obvious EVPs captured, voices and noises heard and things not being as they should be this time, we just don’t know.  Is it haunted?  I think everyone in the group that has now been there would say without blinking an eye… yes.