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Private Home Muscatine, IA #2 Investigation May 10,2008


Because of the EVPS we recovered on audio and the flash
of light on video, we decided to drive to Muscatine to
present the evidence to the clients and conduct another
investigation. Steph, Rick and Becky arrived at the house
at 5:45 PM and sat down to present the couple with the
audio and video evidence

The husband and wife both recognized footsteps from the
audio as ones they had heard, and thought one of the
EVP voices sounded familiar. They stated that since the
last investigation, the light in the living room still turns
on by itself and they have heard noises from the upstairs
apartment and basement when no one was around. The
husband seemed validated by the evidence and the wife
seemed a little frightened. The team agreed to return
after 9 PM and conduct another investigation.

After doing an investigation at Greenwood Cemetery,
specifically the Blue Angel, (see Mini-Investigation
Notes)  the team returned to the house at 9:20 PM.
Equipment consisted of three DVR recorders, two EMF
meters, one digital thermometer, one mini-DVD
Night-vision camcorder and two digital cameras.

The first area we investigated was the upstairs front
room where we had heard whistling and laughing
before, and where the symbols had appeared on the
chair. After doing an EVP session and taking pictures,
the team moved on to the upstairs kitchen. Becky
left her audio recorder behind in the front room.

In the kitchen,  the whole team experienced a feeling
of unease and Steph started feeling cold. She was
able to record about a 10 degree temperature fluxuation
on the digital thermometer in her area. The team did
some EVP work and checked for EMF readings. Rick left
his audio recorder in the kitchen and we decided to
investigate the upstairs living room next.

In the living room, Steph ran the video camera, and Rick
and Becky did EVP work with Steph’s audio recorder.

We moved back to the front room to do another sweep
and to sit quietly for awhile and try to feel out the
place. Stephanie was sitting on the floor and she heard
blantent footsteps. We thought it was her moving, but
it turned out it wasn’t and she felt the floor boards move
as well.  While sitting there, Rick thought he saw a black
shadow move in the hallway and Steph had also sensed
something behind her while in the room.

Next, we took some readings in the hallway and went
back to the kitchen area. Entering the kitchen, Rick
and Steph felt an overwhelming pressure and started
to experience headaches and dizziness. Moving to the
corner area next to the refrigerator intensified the
feelings. Both Becky and Steph felt uneasy, and the
hair stood up on Rick’s arms. It was decided to leave
audio recorders in the hallway and bedroom and the
camcorder running in the kitchen pointed towards the
hall. We took the extra audio recorder downstairs to
record evidence.

Downstairs, the team conducted investigations in the
son’s bedroom and the couple’s bedroom. No activity was
recorded, and Rick or Becky felt no spiritual presence
centered in these area. Steph however thought she felt
something briefly in the son’s room.  While downstairs,
noises were heard from the upstairs above.

The team gathered up the equipment and ended the
investigation at 11:45 PM.



2 Whistles


Footsteps Beside Steph


Long Whistle

Loud Noises-Bangs while Alone

Noises while Alone


Nothing was caught on video, although the bangs we
heard while downstairs were recorded.


The team feels that there is activity of some kind in
the house, centered in the upstairs apartment. The
owners have promised to keep us updated on any
further activity.

Private Home Muscatine, IA #3 Investigation June, 2008


We decided to do a third investigation as a team at the home, as the evidence from our second investigation was just too strong to ignore and we wanted to see if we could finally bring some peace to the family. The husband and wife had already reviewed the evidence from the last investigation on our website and on May 29th had called and spoke to Stephanie about some seemingly escalating activity at their home.

The husband felt like he had been choked one night as he was lying in bed, and his wife had experienced some scratching on her bed pillow as well as something big flying by her head in her bedroom when no one was in the room with her. The husband’s brother, who had been staying with them, also had an experience where something had woke him up in the night by poking him in the side. Both the husband and wife had heard some more noises from upstairs since we had been there and the wife felt more and more uneasy with the situation. Rick, a lead investigator suggested to light some candles in retaliation but that seemed to make things worse so Steph suggested putting a cross up in the bedroom just to gain strength from. We assured them that we would be back the next weekend and Steph let them know they could call her if they really felt the need to.


A team consisting of Steph, Becky, Chris, and Christi arrived a the home around 7:30 p.m. to do another walk-thru for the members that haven’t been there before and for the team to talk to the family to gather again what had happened since the last investigation. While leaving the home, members Steph and Christi both experienced an intense headache that they both felt come on while they were in the home and disappated quickly after leaving the home. Neither one of them had been experiencing a headache before and it did not come back for the rest of the night.

The team visited Greenwood Cemetery again in Muscatine then returned to the home around 9:00 p.m. Equipment consisted of a digital camera, three DVR recorders, one EMF meter, and one digital thermometer.

After doing a quick sweep in the basement, the team did an EVP session in the downstairs bedroom while waiting for the upstairs occupant to leave to go to work.

While upstairs the team decided to investigate the attic first, then move to the front room, where we had gathered many of our EVPs before and where we had experienced the footsteps during the second investigation. After conducting an EVP session, the team then moved on to the kitchen, where another EVP session was conducted as well as using the EMF meter and digital thermometer. The team then decided to leave our digital recorders running upstairs by themselves while we all went downstairs as this was a way that we had caught some unexplained noises on the recorders before. Steph left her recorder running in the hallway, Becky in the front bedroom with an EMF lying next to it as well, and Chris left his in the kitchen.

After returning upstairs, Steph did some comparing of noises to the “loud banging” noises that we had heard in the second investigation recording when the recorder had been left in the same place in the hallway on a case of water bottles that had not been opened. After comparing sounds what is believed to be heard in that EVP is the sound of a box next to the case of water being hit or shoved repeatedly against the wall and then a DVD falling over as the sounds match uncannily alike. This would result in the manifestation of physical strength of the entity as there was nothing up there to hit the box like recorded.

As a team we then decided to split up, Chris and Stephanie went to the kitchen and conducted an EVP session there and Becky and Christi conducted an EVP session in the front room. While Becky and Christi were doing their session there was an instance where the EMF meter went off once out of the blue after which Christi believed she had seen a shadow out in the hallway around the same time. They also heard footsteps out in the hallway at one time but this was not caught on the recorder. Steph and Chris thought they heard a noise coming from inside a small closet in the kitchen but had no further experiences. After about a half hour the team switched places and then decided to call it a night at around 11:20 p.m.



After reviewing all the DVRs nothing viable was caught on this investigation.


We as a team believe due to the evidence we had gathered on our first two investigations that there is something unexplained going on in that house. We hope that the cross is keeping the maliciousness away or perhaps whatever is going on just didn’t show itself this evening. One of the investigators believes that perhaps the entity in the house is feeding off of negativity between some of the members of the house and if that would cease so would the increasing activity. Another investigator feels that the spirit in the house is male and is possessive of the house, and also a little “old-fashioned” with a high rebellion about being taped and being told what to do (especially from women). We will continue to keep in contact with the family and told them to keep in contact as well, for as long as they feel safe we feel as if though we did our job. As of now we have no plans to return, but we do feel as if there are some things we have taken away from the home in Muscatine that are unexplained.

Case Status: Closed

Private Home Muscatine, IA #4 Investigation July 25, 2009

MVP investigated this residence back in May of 2008.
Recently the owner contacted Steph and informed her
that activity had again resumed. He reported hearing
footsteps walking upstairs when no one was home,
lights turning off and on, a heavy bang in the
basement, and other unexplained noises. After our
monthly meeting, a team consisting of Rick, Steph,
Diana, Sally and Probationary Investigator Steve
drove to Muscatine.We arrived on site at 5:30 and
interviewed the home owner. The owner feels that the
activity is centered upstairs around an old gentleman
who built the house and who died in this area. They
feel that the downstairs activity is caused by a woman
who lived downstairs, lost her legs to diabetes, and
also passed away in the house. During a walk-through
of the house, we noted that a new resident was now
living upstairs, and that the whole apartment had been
redecorated. The team drove to Pizza Hut to discuss
the case and enjoy a delicious meal


At 8:00 we started the investigation. We decided to
begin investigating in the upstairs apartment, since it
seems that most of the activity was occurring in this
area. Upstairs there is a kitchen, a living room, a
bedroom, a bathroom and a storage area. There is also
a door that leads to the attic. The team set up our
equipment in the living room and started the
investigation in the bedroom. We were equipped with a
video camera, several voice recorders, a digital
thermometer, a Cell Sensor and a KII Meter. The
investigation began with an EVP session, asking
questions of the gentleman who built this house. We
also asked the presence to make a noise or move
something. We continued EVP sessions in the kitchen,
while keeping an eye on the hallway and storage area.
Steph and Steve went up to the attic to look around.

After a time we decided to go downstairs for awhile and
left recorders in the kitchen, bedroom, and attic. Motion
detectors were set up in the hallway. In the basement
we found high EMF readings from the wiring overhead
and running down the support beams. There were some
water pipes and heat ducts running close together from
the furnace.

The group went back upstairs to the main floor to talk to
the home owner. He uses a highly trained Guide Dog to
help with his loss of vision. Steph thought we should
bring the dog upstairs into the apartment to see if there
was any response. Upon entering the apartment the dog
went into the bedroom, hall, kitchen and finally to the
living room. He did quite a bit of sniffing around in the
first three areas, but showed no reaction. In the living
room, the dog showed signs of nervousness and “tinkled”
on the floor as he paced around. The home owner stated
the dog has “never” done that before, and in fact is
highly trained to only urinate outside. After the dog left,
Steph cleaned up the mess.

As the dog was being taken downstairs and the group
was getting ready to split up and go in the rooms,
Steph heard a loud whisper next to her ear. She was
leaving the living room and walking across the hall next
to the kitchen at the time. She is not sure what it was
but it was enough to startle her.

The team decided to split into groups, with Stephanie
and Rick investigating the living room area, Diana in
the kitchen and Sally and Steve in the front bed room.

In the living room, Steph and Rick kept hearing what
sounded like footsteps or creaking noises within the
room. They seemed to come from behind and in front
of Steph, or from the closet in the room.

While in the front bedroom, Sally and Steve conducted
EVP sessions with no apparent response, even after
some mild provoking. They then moved into the smaller
storage area. While in there, Sally had the sensation of
cob webs on the side of her face, ear and then on her
forearm. She had her teammate check to make sure there
wasn’t any loose hairs on her shirt or cobwebs in the
room. None could be found. When standing in the door
way of the bedroom, Steve said he heard someone
walk right in front of him into the bedroom. They again
tried to conduct an EVP session and check for a
response on the KII meter.

When we compared notes, the group in the bedroom told
Rick and Steph that they were not walking around while
the noises were heard, and in fact had heard noises of
their own at the same time and thought the living room
team was walking around.

We ended the investigation around 11:45 and retrieved
our equipment. Before leaving, we enjoyed coffee and
cookies with the home owners.


While in the car going home, Steph checked her cellphone
and saw that she had a voice message from the home
owner. He had called approximately five minutes after we
left. The message stated that when the home owner
went upstairs to turn out the lights and lock the attic
door, he heard a voice telling him to “Get Out.” The “Get
Out” was right when he was leaving the apartment, in the
hallway. It was more of a strong whisper than a voice but
he really thought he clearly heard “Get Out”. He said he
got out.






Unexplained Noise




Note: Sally had this to say about the noises in the
bedroom…”After listening back to the audio when Steph
& Rick were hearing the footsteps in the living room, I
remember I was sitting crisscross applesauce at the end
of the bed and Steve was standing by the dresser in
the bedroom. I could hear and feel the floor moving and
creaking. I told Steve and he thought it was you guys
walking around in the other room. This was happening at
the exact same time you heard the movement in the
living room.”

Nothing paranormal showed up on the video tapes.



*Note-MVP does not consider orb pictures to be

proof of paranormal activity


Because most of the audio the team captured was
knocks, creaks and footsteps, we feel there is a
presence in the house, but it is a presence that has no
interest in interacting with anyone. Our Team Leader,
Steph, feels it is the old man who built the house, and
for whatever reason does not want visitors in the
upstairs of the house or is just being grouchy. No one on
the team felt anything harmful or the presence of
anything with an evil intent. We feel if there is a spirit
present, he just wants to be left alone.

Case Status: Closed

Private Home Fort Madison, IA March 22, 2008

MVP was contacted by a worried mother in Southern Iowa. Her just-turned 13 year old daughter had been seeing ghosts for the last month, and was scared to sleep in or even enter her bedroom. The spirits are said to try to communicate with the girl and move objects in the room. The daughter is seeing eight ghosts, and identified 4 of them to MVP and said the others were kind of a blur. The daughter noted that she had conversations with “Roxie”, her deceased aunt, but the others she just saw and they did not talk to her. She said she saw a deceased uncle named Bill whom she had asked questions to but he would not answer, and deceased classmate named Casper who repeatedly hummed, and a friend of her moms named Tony who had died recently The daughter sees the ghosts only at night when she is in bed. They haven’t touched her or done anything physical, just tried to communicate with her. On Saturday, March 22, MVP sent an investigation team consisting of Bryce, Becky, Rick and Steph, meeting Char at the location. Our goal is to help the daughter deal with the apparitions and regain the use of her bedroom.

The team arrived at the home at 5:00PM and met with Char as well as the family occupying the home. A tour of the home was done, temperature and EMF sweeps done in each room. The daughter’s room was colder than the rest of the house, but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. Stephanie and Becky then conducted individual interviews with both the daughter and mother, neither in the same room as the interviews were conducted.

Following the interviews, the team left the residence and went to a local restaurant to discuss the interview and final investigation planning. It was decided to concentrate the investigation and all equipment on the daughter’s room since it is the only room with reported activity. Equipment to be used included digital voice recorders, infrared thermometers, Cell Sensors, a Lutron Meter, motion detectors, digital cameras, a Nightshot video camera, and a laptop with an external microphone.

Following the break, the team returned to the residence and set up equipment (camcorder recording video in the room and a laptop recording audio) after doing a sweep of the room and noting temperatures in it. The first team to go in was Rick, Stephanie, and the daughter. During this time, temperature fluctuations were noted and a few sensations were felt as well as the Cell Sensor going off once then again on command. Team 2 was Bryce, Char and Becky. This team also noted temperature fluctuations in various areas and Bryce and Becky heard knocking that was not heard on the digital voice recorder upon review. Rick, Steph, Char, and the daughter went back into the room after Team 2 and this time unexplained noises were heard including a horseshoe moving against the dresser. Temperature fluctuation were also felt again. The team then took a break, leaving motion detectors in the room and the equipment running. After twenty minutes, the investigation resumed, no motion sensors having gone off. The team of Bryce, Stephanie, Char, and the daughter then went into the room and experienced severe cold spots as well as air movement, that they reported felt like wind. The daughter was then sent into the room by herself with the camcorder still running and a DVR on as well. While in there, she reported feeling cold and movement of a hanging horseshoe. She requested team member Char to go in with her after some time, and the two remained by themselves in the room until the investigation finished at 11:30PM.

The Review team consisting of Steph, Mike, Rick and Becky met at Steph’s house at 5:30 PM Sunday, March 30. The team went over the workings of Adobe Audition, and then got down to business. We first reviewed audio captured by Becky’s DVR and were able to isolate several EVPs. Next we listened to the audio from Bryce’s PC laptop which had been set up in the bedroom. Again, we discovered some unexplained voices. Rick had left his DVR running during the entire investigation, so the team had to review several more hours of audio. During the listening, we were able to match some EVPs with those captured by Bryce and Becky. Mike and Steph helped isolate all unexplained EVPs, and they were saved to disc and sent to the members to review. After a short break, we settled in to watch the audio. A nightvision video camera had been set up in the bedroom, and was running during the investigation. By matching the video to our EVPs, we were able to debunk several as being of human origin. The team had also experienced an inanimate object, an iron hourseshoe, moving during the investigation. By watching the video, we were able to determine that the horseshoe was moved by natural means. We were still left with some unexplained EVPs and personal experiences by the members which included cold spots and cold breezes in the closed bedroom.



That’s ok


At 8:00 Thursday April 3rd, Rick called the mother to share the evidence. Becky witnessed and taped the call. First Rick explained how we reviewed the evidence and what the team found. He told them the team listened to the audio from Becky, Bryce and Rick and isolated any voices that could not be explained. Then they watched the video and tried to debunk any of the EVPs by comparing audio to video. He told them we were able to debunk the swinging horseshoe and eliminate some of the EVPS. That left us with the cold spots and some EVPS we could not account for. He told the mother we would send them the EVPS and they could listen to them and see if anything sounded familiar. The mother stated that things are going great now. The daughter is sleeping in her bedroom and is no longer scared. Rick told her that if her daughter is seeing spirits, none of us felt they were harmful. He also said that if the daughter is seeing spirits, it is an ability that could go as suddenly as it came. He also related that we found no EVPS that sounded like Roxy, and if she is seeing Roxy, it could be a spirit attached to the room that is taking the form of Roxy to make her comfortable.

The mother expressed her sincere thanks to the team and everything we did. She and her daughter had a lot of fun and appreciated how “laid-back” and nice we were. She said we made life easier around there. She also gave permission to post any information and EVPS regarding the investigation. Neither one had any more questions and were very satisfied with the investigation. The mother promised to contact the team if anything changed. She agreed that no further investigation was necessary unless the situation changed. The mother asked if her daughter could go along on an investigation as a guest. They were both really impressed with the team’s professionalism.

Case Status: Closed