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A typical investigation takes place on a Saturday night and we investigate a minimum of 3 hours at the location. Prior to the investigation we will conduct an interview and walk thru.

We strive to review all evidence and present a report to the client within a 2 week period. If a location is very active, we are glad to come back and conduct an additional investigation.

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Farrar School August 2012

On Saturday August 4th, 8 members of MVP and one guest set out to
revisit the Farrar school near Altoona, IA.  Our previous visit had
turned out some good results, including the sighting of an apparition.
We were excited to get back there and see what else the school had to
offer.  Present were members Steve, Becky, Stephanie, Terry, Chris,
Diana, Andrea, Bryce, and guest.

History:  To be brief, Farrar school was built in 1921 and opened in
1922 as an institution to incorporate several of the one-room rural
school houses in the area.   It started out as a high school, until a
new separate school was built.  It then became and elementary school
until it’s closing in 2002.  It had became known as the Washington
incorporated school district.  While in operation, the school was a
centerpiece of the town where many events were held.  The school had
recently been purchased by Nancy Oliver and her husband in an attempt
to revive the old school to host various events.  While walking in the
gymnasium one day, Nancy was startled by the sight of the apparition
of a young boy standing near the top of the steps.  The school was
later visited out of the blue by two women one of which claimed to be
psychic.  After going through the school, the woman spoke of several
spirits of children that were still hanging around.  She had recorded
the first EVPs captured in the school, and can be heard on the Farrar
school website(  There is only a couple of
confirmed deaths at the school, one of which was a boy.  It is
uncertain as to how they died.  Later the school became the subject of
vicious rumors of sexual abuses said to have been performed by a
former custodian and principal.  Their names will be not be given due
to family members that are still alive in the area.  Once again,
nothing has been confirmed when it comes to this.

Walk-thru:     The team was met by Seth, a member of CCPI who does all
of the tours at the school.  He has conducted several investigations
of the school, each time producing some fantastic evidence.  We were
given a short walk-thru and told of some new happenings in areas that
were not previously active.  This included the sighting of an
apparition in a second floor classroom which has been nick-named the
“possession room”.  The reason for this name is a member of another
paranormal group had suddenly been taken over by something and began
screaming at those in attendance to leave the school.  While doing
this walk-thru a few members of the group had reported activity
already happening.  The feeling of cold spots and strange drafts were
among the preliminary activity.  While readying equipment Becky and
Steve were met by a knocking on a window sill.  Steve had attempted
communication, and many knocks in response to his questioning had
occurred, followed by the sound of a doorknob being jiggled.

Investigation:      The group had set out equipment which included
several DVR cameras, digital recorders, motion trip wires, and a
series of 5 EM pumps set in a gauntlet formation in the third floor
hallway.  The electro-magnetic pumps were used in such a fashion as to
create a vortex of energy for any and all present spirits to use in
order to create more intense activity.  With the many reported
sightings of apparitions in the school, this technique seemed
perfectly logical in theory.  The group then split into smaller groups
to focus on key areas of the school.  Activity was frequent early on,
but tapered off in the later hours, as seems to be the norm for this
property.  There were several personal experiences reported along with
many EVPs including a couple of class A recordings.  There was one
quite strange phenomenon that occurred several times throughout the
night.  The group uses walkie-talkie radios to communicate with one
another.  Several times a child’s voice keyed up on the radio.  At
first it was thought that this was just outside interference, but
later seemed to be intelligent responses as to what we were doing.  A
couple of these incidents were recorded on DVR.  Once again this
school did not disappoint.  4 shadow apparitions were seen throughout
the night in various areas, lots of bumps and bangs, whispers,
breaths, disembodied voices, and footsteps were among the activity

Personal Experiences: Diana- air going by her as she was standing by
one of the classrooms on the third floor.  While walking up to third
floor from second floor heard squeaky shoes running up behind me.
When I turned around there was nobody there.  Then I heard a pinging
noise from the other end of the hallway.  Saw a shadow block out lazer
grid in 3rd floor classroom.
Terry- Heard a pinging noise from classroom across the hall on 3rd
floor.  Also saw a shadow of what looked like an adolescent male move
across the windows of a classroom on the third floor.
Steve-  While in the gym with Terry, I had walked near the locker room
and felt a cold spot that seemed to radiate around me.  My ears then
began to ring.  When in the stage room with Andrea, I had been doing
some minor provoking in an attempt to get the spirit of a former
principal to show himself.  I had felt dizzy, and what felt like icy
fingers running down the back of my neck.  Becky and I while setting
out equipment were met by something tapping on the window sill in the
stairwell.  When asked questions, whatever this was responded with
taps, then jiggled a doorknob on the door leading to the second floor.
Terry, Bryce, and myself were coming down the stairs from the third
floor to go to the main floor.  I was the first one down, and as I
reached the second floor I saw what looked like a solid black,
three-dimensional, full-bodied shadow apparition standing in the
hallway looking into a classroom.  At first I had thought that it was
another investigator.  I looked back up the stairs to see if the
others were coming.  When I looked back the apparition was gone.  I
called out for Chris, as he and our guest were on this floor.  He came
out of the very same classroom I had seen the shadow standing in front
of.  I asked him if he was standing in the hallway at the time, and he
said no that he had been in that room for quite sometime but did hear
noises coming from the hallway and noticed the hallway growing darker
outside the classroom door but thought it was his eyes playing tricks
on him.  Evidently not.  Later while taking a break to go outside and
smoke, I had re-entered the building and looked up the front steps to
the second floor and was startled to see another full-bodied black
shadow apparition of what looked like a young boy just staring at me.
If I had to guess, it was about 4′ tall, but could make out no
features.  Both of the shadow apparitions I saw would be like seeing a
person dressed in all black clothing standing at the end of a hallway,
but these were only a few feet from me.  I did not stay to chat, I had
just did a double-take to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing and
took off to the main office to get the others.  When we returned the
apparition of the boy was gone.  A camera was set in the area, but the
wall had blocked out where the boy was standing which was on steps a
couple of steps from the top.  I had also seen some bright light orbs
in second floor classroom with Bryce. Also while in the same classroom
saw the shadow of a head move across the window headed toward Bryce.
Steph- Felt something brush across her arm outside one of the
classrooms.  Witnessed shadow blocking out lazer grid in 3rd floor
Bryce- Heard several disembodied voices when investigating in the gym.
When on the second floor investigating with Terry, had heard kids
screaming.  Had seen red light orbs in second floor classroom, and
witnessed the same shadow Terry did on the third floor.
Becky- Felt static electricity on her head in the stage room.
Witnessed intelligent responses through tapping and doorknob jiggling
with Steve.  Witnessed bright pinpoint light orbs in second floor
classroom.  Had seen shadows block out window in one of the classrooms
as well.

Conclusion:  Once again the Farrar school had lived up to its
reputation of being incredibly haunted and active.  The EM pumps
seemed to do the trick ramping up the available energy and and
activity.  If we had to guess why this school is haunted, it would
have to do with the fact that it is one of the only still standing
structures of the old defunct town of Farrar, IA.  Since it was a
center-point of the community, and a place for holding many events the
residual energies from the past remained.  As for the intelligent
spirits that remain in the school, this was a place that was either
one of the best times in their lives or one of the worst.  They could
be here to tell anyone their story, or just still having fun.  The
overall atmosphere seems to be playful, but there is a more ominous
presence there, that gives off a bad vibe when he is around.  Some
believe it is the former principal, or maybe the former Janitor whom
was rumored to have committed abuses here.  Who it really is, we don’t
know.  Nor do we know if the rumors of abuses are true or not.  Could
just be a legend handed down from year to year, decades old.  Maybe
one day we will know.  Until then, the spirits of children and faculty
remain as if it were just another school day.


7 39PM whisper during walkthrough taken from video camera

7 58PM Pricipal’s office Hey whisper during walk through

9 09PM child Hey Everyone DVR in Principal’s office

9 10PM Child over Walkie DVR in Principal’s Office

9 12PM Child voice (nappy hoes)then Steph over Walkie

9 47PM chris and Emily hear something

12 45AM change or something like that


child voice


kid voiceenh

very faint child voiceenh

voice over mine


12 33AM breath with no one around from principal’s office


Members Diana, Becky, Steph, Andrea, Bryce, and Steve will be investigating the reportedly haunted Farrar school house, located in Farrar Iowa,  on August 27th. The team will be allowed to investigate from 7:00pm to 7:00am.   Please check back on our site for a complete follow up to this investigation.You can read about the background of this school at:

MVP Members at American Ghost Hunter Screening

Steve and Ryan Buell



On Tuesday June 7th, I attended the American Ghost Hunter movie screening at the Blackhawk Hotel in Davenport, Ia.  In attendance was Ryan Buell, Chad Calek, Serg, and other members of PRS and AGH.  The meet and greet was awesome!!!  Being able to actually talk to Ryan Buell was my highlight.  Asked him some great questions about how he investigates, and the Paranormal State show in General.  Many may think that Ryan and the group might be arrogant as other celebrities.  But it was just the opposite.  They were gracious, and open to any and all.  Ryan seemed a little introverted but a regular guy like myself.  He gave me some great information about digging up history and information on sites, etc…

I guess what suprised me the most is that Ryan Buell is just as skeptical and scientific as many of us in the field, even though his show does not seem to reflect it that much.  They showed us some incredible evidence not shown on TV, and the lectures were very informative for paranormal investigators.  I learned a new way of questioning when doing EVP that I plan to use on future investigations.  The small crowd made it a fantastic opportunity to really get to talk to these guys.  It was more  than a learning experience for me, and I look forward to attending more conferences in the future.
One of the neat things about the movie is that most of it was shot here in Iowa.  Chad Calek is from the little town of Persia, Iowa some 40 miles east of Omaha, NE.  I even learned some history of downtown Davenport I did not know before.
The move is hard hitting and down to earth.  It shows the true side to ghost hunting as a whole, what we are really here for.  It is about the human experience.  Dealing with tragedy, and the demons that come with it.  The movie was based on Chad Calek’s family and his mother’s struggle with the demons resulting from a horrific accident with his father and a haunting in the home they live in.  Chad was caught in the middle of all of this and Ryan Buell lent a helping hand as any true friend would.  This movie reminded me of why I became a ghost hunter, and why I am bent on helping those plagued by the mysteries of the paranormal.  All I can say is for an independant film this movie really hit home.
After the screening, there was a Q and A session.   Needless to say, the room was silent.  No questions.  I swear to God this movie hit everyone in that room like a freight train!  I mean when the room was asked for questions, there was nothing but eerie silence, that means this movie was good!!!  In my opinion this is the best independant movie dealing with the paranormal I have ever seen, bar none!  And to know that it was done by a local makes it even better.  I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.  Well worth the 100 dollars I paid for it.
Chad Calek speaking about American Ghost Hunter
Chad Calek American Ghost Hunter screening
Ryan Buell from PSR speaking about American Ghost Hunter
Becky and Chad Calek
Diana and Chad Calek
Becky and Sergey Poberezhny
Diana and Sergey Poberezhny
Becky and Ryan Buell
Diana and Ryan Buell
Diana and Becky putting Ryan Buell on the spot!

Paranormal Science. Real or Pseudo?

Just want to take the time to address skeptics on the science of paranormal investigation. Many would call what we do a pseudo-science. Well, when you label something pseudo you are already convinced that what is being studied is false or does not exist. On the contrary, we have plenty of evidence to support the existence of paranormal happenings. What we are trying to achieve is to answer how these things happen. Is a ghost a manifestation of our inner spirit doomed to walk the earth for eternity? Or is it a residual memory of our former selves left as a reminder for the living? Or could a ghost just simply be a concentration of some sort of intelligent energy? Some may say that paranormal science is new and pioneering. On the contrary, paranormal investigation and science goes back as far as the 13th century, maybe further than that. It has just been recently brought to light by the airing of television reality shows. Its popularity is growing day by day. Why? I think we all want to know what happens after we die. Some of us, just want answers for paranormal experiences of our own. Most mainstream scientists scoff at the idea of paranormal science because our instruments are crude and evidence sketchy at best. May I remind them that at one time the same could be said for their sciences. Medicine for example, went from leeches and blood letting, to MRIs and organ transplants. So those who scoff now, may be enlightened when equipment and knowledge becomes better and greater. After all we use the scientific method that most sciences use. Observation, evidence gathering, theorem, measurement, experimentation, etc… Still sound like a pseudo-science? What do you think?

Investigation of private residence Colona, Illinois

On November 20th 4 MVP investigators were sent to a home in Colona,
IL.,in which multiple claims of paranormal activity were reported by the
current resident.  These investigators included Steve, Terry, Stephanie,
and Chris.  This resident has two children, and in a situation where children
are involved MVP is quick to respond.
     Upon arrival a quick walkthrough was done revealing no unusually high
EMF except in the kitchen from the stove and microwave which is common with
such appliances.  A pre-investigation interview was done to find out any
and all claims of activity.  Claims included seeing multiple shadows on a
frequent basis in the hallway.  A massive black shadow was claimed to be
seen  by the client at the foot of the bed upon waking up in the middle of
the night.  One other claim was the smell of incense at first being subtle
and later filling the entire apartment.  Cabinet doors were said to open by
     Steve set up an infrared cam in the bedroom where the large shadow
figure was seen, with a good angle of the hallway and bathroom where other
shadows had been seen.  The group decided to start in the living room with
the client not present.  The client had a few small animals which were
observed closely for any changes in behavior during investigation.  An EVP
session was held in the living room yielding no results.
Terry did however see a shadow of a person pass in front of the children’s
bedroom window. In an attempt to debunk this Chris went outside and walked
past the window and the same shadow was seen.  He had also reported that
the client and a friend were out there at the time.
        We then split up and went into the two bedrooms.  Chris and Steve
were in the master bedroom, Stephanie and Terry in the children’s bedroom. 
A second EVP session was held.  During this session  Steve claimed to have
seen a large shadow pass along the hallway wall heading toward the
bathroom.  Steve then noticed the busy street outside and it was believed
that the passing cars’ headlights were causing shadow play in the hallway
where many shadows had been seen.  Terry also reported seeing a small
shadow low to the floor which was explained away as probably being the same
thing.  No EVPs were recorded at this time.
     Deciding to have the client return to see if the activity was
centered with her, we reconvened in the living room to do one last EVP
session.  While conducting EVP Steve again reported to have seen a small
shadow peering around the doorway of the hall looking right at him then
ducking around as he attempted chase.  This shadow  was believed to be the
result of a trick of the eye as nobody else saw the shadow as 2 other
investigators were looking in the same direction.  It was after this we
decided to wrap it up.
     Upon further evidence review no audio or video yielded results.  No
shadows were caught nor EVPs.  The claims of the incense smell can be
explained by the fact that the apartments are all side by side and may
share the same duct system.  A person burning incense 3 doors down could
possibly work its way through the ducts and make its way into many of the
apartments.  This is just a possible explanation, not a fact, due to not
being able to test the theory.  
     Our results concluded that no paranormal activity could be detected
at the time of the investigation, but  due to recent activity reported by
client after the group leaving this case remains open and may require a
second investigation to make certain of such.  It is suggested by this
investigator that the client have the microwave and stove shielded for EMF
output as this may be the root cause of heavy feelings experienced in that

Return to Illinois City

On November 6th, 2010 MVP conducted a follow-up investigation to a private home in Illinois City, IL with permission from the owners. People present at this investigation included Steph, Steve, Diana, and Terry. After arriving at the house a little after 7:00 p.m. we first conducted an interview with the owners to gather any recent experiences and/or if anything has increased in the home since our last visit.

Jim reported hearing various growls around the house including in his bedroom at the foot of the bed. Things had been moved, for instance a catalog on the kitchen table being opened after leaving a room when previously it had been closed. There was a Halloween bowl that is set off by movement that has gone off by itself when nothing was around. Shadows were seen outside. The owners were particular interested in the EVP we gathered the last time the team was there of a voice stating “help me”. We thanked them for allowing us back and told them we would do what we could do.

Since the team was so small and the house is on the smaller side we all stuck together the whole night so that we wouldn’t have to worry about noise contamination from each other. Steve set up his video camera on a tripod in the room off of the kitchen to film directly into the kitchen. Terry also set up his camera from the front room towards us in the kitchen and we put various audio recorders around the house as well as had at least one with the group the whole time. As an experiment Steph set up the Halloween bowl that sensors movement in the kitchen on the opposite end from everyone else to see if it went off.

Steph also placed a closed catalog on the kitchen table and verbally asked out loud to show her something in it if they wished. Steve also set some coins on the table to see if any would move or disappear

We started an EVP session in the kitchen and later moved into the living room in the front. Steph sat in the chair that Becky had felt push her forward last time with the others on the couch and chair in the other parts of the room. We then moved into the bedroom in which the growls were reported in and conducted an EVP session there. Lastly, we all moved to the basement where it seems had the most activity for us all night.

After coming up from the basement we moved into the side bedroom upstairs by the bathroom that seemed to hold the most “pull” from various members of the group. No one seemed to like that room too much which was never really explained, just more of a feeling.

Personal experiences:

Steph – Every time I stepped into the doorway of the bedroom upstairs by the bathroom I felt lightheaded. Every single time and it would come on immediately and strong. I felt this way nowhere else in the house. At one time out in the front room when everyone was walking into the front bedroom I suddenly felt as if something was behind me and I hurried everyone into the room as I wanted to get there so my back was no longer facing the room we were coming out of. Downstairs there was a blatant noise that came after I asked “would you like those artifacts to be reburied in the grounds?” Everyone heard it as it was loud and sudden. It did not come again at any other time in the basement although there were a few lighter ones here and there. We agreed that the lighter ones were probably just the house settling but not the loud noise we all heard as it could not be easily explained.

Steve – Felt the heavy feeling in the bedroom off of the living room. While interviewing the client I saw a flash of light in the corner near the bedroom but did not know what to make of it at the time. While in the bedroom off of the living room I felt as if it was hard to breath in the room and that the atmosphere was heavy. Also while in the basement I, along with everyone else, heard the loud knock in response to Steph’s question.

Terry – Hair felt almost electric when we first got there. And, pretty loud bang in the basement that was obvious, and heard by all. Thought it had a different feel when we turned the lights back on at the end of the investigation.

Diana – I can’t say that I had many personal experiences except when we were downstairs and when Steph asked if the artifacts that were recovered from the land should be buried again and there was that loud bang and I felt a cold breeze on my right side as I was sitting on the couch. I also had a creeped out feeling when we were in that bedroom off of the kitchen and I heard what sounded like something being moved or dragged and I felt like there was someone standing behind me.


9 33 do you want them to rebury the artifacts Bang

female voice illinois city

whisper illinois city

7 57 Help

help him

motion bowl

We want to thank Jim and his sister again for letting us come out into to home.  We cannot explain scientifically everything that has happened in our investigations in the house so we believe there is something going on. We don’t feel that it should be feared but want to extend our help at any time the activity starts to feel threatening and they do not feel safe in any way. For now, the owners have just found a way to deal with the experiences in the home and are (semi) peacefully living side by side with the activity.

As a side note….If you plan to set up a sensored Halloween bowl with a big moving hand and a very loud noise when it goes off at a paranormal investigation remember that it is there and where it is. Also remember that it may go off when taking pictures. That thing scared the heck out of many members during the night as it went off (by natural means) and may have been responsible for several underwear changes among us all.