Investigator Terry Enright says these are some of his favorite things:

I really like this clip a lot.  This is from an undisclosed business in Davenport, IA from October 2011.  Becky and I were lagging behind the others during the walk-through when we heard very clearly a man’s voice coming from behind us near the restrooms.  So, I was in a big hurry to get back in there with equipment.  I set up my voice recorder and video camera just outside the rest room that I thought it came from.  I was taking pictures at the time this was captured so I thought it said something like “how’s your picture Terry?”   But, when slowed down it seems to say “Now I’ll get you Terry”.  Was a nice surprise to find this on my recorder.  –   from August 2012.  Farrar School house.  Farrar IA.  I love this little kid.  Not sure who he is, but I’m pretty sure I saw his shadow zip past later in the night.  This isn’t an EVP; it’s actually coming over our walkie talkies.  I believe it can not be interference based on what is being said in a few other clips prior to this one.  Like “Hey everybody!”  Then he seemed to get upset with us that we didn’t respond.  No one could make out what was being said at the time.  But, this is one of my favorites because I haven’t encountered a spirit with… so much spirit.

What might be my personal favorite piece of evidence can now be seen.  We made an agreement not to put it on the site for a year and we hadn’t.  In October of 2012 we were investigating an apartment in Davenport, IA where a man had recently passed away and objects were being reported moving in neighboring apartments just after that.  Upon first entering the apartment I felt like something was wrapping around my head and chest areas.  Just as we turn out the lights, I happen to look over and see something off white on Steve’s camera, and Steve’s camera tilt noticeably to the side and then go right back.  In the video from the camera, you can see my reaction to it.  I was very happy to witness that.

Investigator and MVP Co-Founder Becky Reid tells about her first appearance of a partial apparition while at Farrar School August 2011.


 While in a classroom on the 3rd floor, with Stephanie and Diana, Stephanie mentioned how the hallway seemed to be getting dark then light. I started watching that area as well and told her I could see what she meant. Right after mentioning that, I noticed how something white appeared to block the doorway. Stephanie said “what the heck” and that is when I realized she must be seeing it too and I said “oh my God” and gasped and she screamed.



MVP Co-Founder and Tech Coordinator Bryce Carlson on chairs moving in the night from our October 2012 investigation at Edinburgh Manor:


It’s hard to remember every case I’ve been on, as I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, but the one that definitely sticks out is  Edinburgh, because I have only experienced a few unexplained events in my years doing this and this was something so extreme and unexpected, that you can’t forget it. Steve and myself were in the building alone, on the second floor, setting up our motion detection camera that we call the “Truth Cam” when we both heard the loud, unmistakable sound of a chair sliding across the floor on the level below us. We immediately ran (yes, we ran) down stairs and there was no one else in the building but us, and the icing on the cake is that after we left the building to wait for the rest of the group to return, we captured a class-A EVP from the same area as the chair.

This audio clip of a chair being moved was caught on a stationary dvr on the first floor in command central, right after myself and Steve went upstairs to place a Truth Cam: Chair sliding

After trying to debunk and recreate the chair movement, we went outside to wait for Diana, Andrea, Mandi and Becky. This Class A EVP was caught on the stationary DVR in command central 1 minute later: Class A Female talking

The following is a slightly amplified version of the previous EVP: Female talking

Becky and Bryce locating the "chair sliding" audio
Becky and Bryce locating the “chair sliding” audio


Investigator Chris Green says this is one of his favorites:

One of my favorites was a private Rock Island home 2012, where I captured a class A EVP.  Actually it was caught on 2 of my Digital voice recorders.  I was holding one and the other was on the other side of the house.  I went into the Asian room,which is what we called it as it had an Asian theme.   Was asking for someone or something to do something to show me they were there.   Heard a couple of knocks and a tap on the window behind me. You can say I was pretty demanding, lol.  Told it I needed more than that if it wanted me to leave.  I did not hear another sound from inside that room and left shortly after that.  It did feel like something was there with me.  When i got home and started to review my audio I realized very quickly I had caught something right after I asked for it to do more.  Heard it first on my DVR  I  was holding in my hand at the time. Was very faint but could tell someone was saying something.  I then found it on my other DVR which was sitting on a end table in the stairwell on the other side of the house. Much clearer and louder on that one, when I heard it and what it said it floored me.  The voice very clearly said ” Oh my god you’re attacking me”, amazing. Steve and I were the only 2 males at the house at the time and you can actually hear Steve say something right before the voice starts. Very cool to capture this.

asian room voice

voice 2 ri home 2

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