Paranormal Experiences

This page will be updated, periodically, and contains some of our most memorable paranormal experiences.

Written by Becky

Some of my favorite experiences happened when some members of our group went to Villisca for our overnight investigation. It started when  a member and I were upstairs investigating in the children’s bedroom. He saw a shadow pass in front of a window, and directly after that, we both saw a very very bright light streak across the wall where the child’s crib was. There was no way to explain what we saw. We both checked for lights, windows, reflective surfaces and nothing could have caused it. Later another investigator and I were standing in the hallway by the parents bed. He was talking and we both heard 3 very distinct footsteps that were caught on our dvr and on the recorder that was located in the bedroom directly below us.  Another time, when walking up the stairs, while  following a moving emf signal, I felt something brush across the top of my wrist.

Written by Bob

While sitting on a chair in the bathroom, adjacent to the master bedroom, my EMF detector picked up a very high magnetic field that seemed to be of a circular pattern and focused around the area where I was sitting. The EMF meter was too far from any electrical outlets to register the residential power and no other electronic devices were in my possession at the time. After about 2-3  minutes the EMF meter decreased down to zero and did not pick up any more readings in that area-nor could I find any readings in that area at all. Also a number of knocks were heard in the presence of the home owners daughter prior to equipment setup and investigation.

Written by Steve

  I have had several experiences since investigating with this group,
but one that stands out to me and currently my favorite experience happened
when we investigated the Grand Opera House in Dubuque IA.  We were in the
middle of a Singapore theory session, for those that do not know what the
Singapore theory is, it is when you play music of the era, or re-enact a
scene that took place in a given location in hopes to stir up activity.  I
saw out of the corner of my eye some shadow activity to the left side of
the stage.  For some reason I focused on a table with a bunch of equipment
on it.  Right then, I saw something orange on the table shift, then slide
across the table about a foot.  I went up to examine the table, and noticed
what I saw slide was an orange extension cord adapter.  I tested the
surface for levelness, felt for breezes, I even blew on it as hard as I
could and could not get it to slide as far as it did.  I also tested if
vibration could move it, with little success.  I could not debunk it, and
by far it was the craziest thing I have ever seen.  I have heared of
objects moving by themselves, and poltergeist activity, but to see it with
your own eyes is incredible!  This was confirmed by another investigator,
as she saw the same thing.  So it was no trick of the eyes.  That place was
so awesome, and can't wait to return.

Written by Stephanie

"I was sitting on the floor indian-style in a bedroom with two other MVP
members also in the room - one sitting on the floor about two feet away
from me and another on a chair further across the room.  We were all being
silent and just listening when I felt an eerie feeling behind me, like
something was there.  I turned around and kind of looked and stuck my hand
out and at that moment footsteps started from behind me to beside me and
out of the room.  I felt the floor move as well under me when the steps
were near to me.  No one was there, the others were seated in the room, and
the EMF meter that had been lying on the floor did go off briefly when the
footsteps started.  These footsteps were caught on audio at the Muscatine
Home - second investigation.  This still is the most significant personal
experience to me as I am 100% sure of what I felt and heard and I cannot
explain it by normal means."

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